“Ah?” Bai Hui blushed suddenly and couldn’t help but stuttered: “You, you, you are so naked”
“Huh? No, I’m very reserved. It’s just that you are uneducated, so you have to force others to turn their reserved meaning into naked meaning.” Liu Changan shook his head, “I am reserved, but you are the one who is naked.”
Bai Hui was very angry. He actually teased her and said she was naked. So Bai Hui raised her hands back, leaned forward on tiptoes, bumped into Liu Changan, and ran away.
Liu Changan stood there without moving until Bai Hui took out his mobile phone and sent him a text message. He took it out and took a look: Then I will let you feel the beauty of a girl naked.
Liu Changan is so angry that he was sexually harassed by her twice today. This Bai Hui is getting more and more obscene and is simply offensive. If she does this again next time, he will fight back.
Because he was angry, Liu Changan stopped watching Bai Hui dance. He called Zhu Juntang aside and scolded her for being ignorant, unmotivated, and ignorant, and then took Zhou Dongdong home first.
Zhou Shuling and Shangguan Dandan came back after dancing. Because Shangguan Dandan drank a lot of champagne while joining in the fun, he didn’t go upstairs anymore. He went home and lay down in the coffin to sleep. Even though he was a little drunk, Shangguan Dandan Dan still returned to the coffin vigilantly, lest he wake up in bed tomorrow and find that he had become Sun Wukong again.
Zhou Shuling first went to Liu Changan’s house and saw Liu Changan and Zhou Dongdong sitting together watching a martial arts drama from the 1990s.
“Zhou Dongdong, school is about to start. Didn’t I ask you to come back early and do your homework?” Zhou Shuling stared at her angrily when she saw Zhou Dongdong’s words going in one ear and out the other.
“I was tapped on acupuncture points by brother Chang’an. I can only sit here and watch TV. I can’t do my homework.” Zhou Dongdong sat motionless on the sofa, watching TV attentively to show that he had indeed been tapped on acupuncture points. He couldn’t even open his eyes. Turn.
“You clearly heard me telling her to go home and do her homework, why did you tap her acupuncture points?” Zhou Shuling looked at Liu Changan even more angrily, “Hurry up and tap her acupuncture points.”
“I just tapped the acupoints and used up all my internal energy. Now I can’t tap the acupoints.” Liu Changan said with a smile.
“Then I’ll do it.” After Zhou Shuling said that, she poked Zhou Dongdong hard.
/Zhou Dongdong almost jumped up with an “ouch”, and finally managed to hold back his blushing face. He clenched his fists with both hands and sat still firmly. His mother could not relieve the acupuncture points that Brother Chang An had touched.
“Huh? It seems that my strength was weak just now. Try it again.” Zhou Shuling blew on her finger and then poked it down again.
Before Zhou Shuling could poke it down, Zhou Dongdong let out an “ouch” and ran away. Her mother’s acupuncture was as if she was trying to penetrate Zhou Dongdong.