lun to find immortality.

“Abba, Abba!” Pavilion Master Lin said to the big snake with a serious look on his face, causing everyone nearby to look at him in surprise.
/“Are all the fairy grasses in Penglai Pavilion planted on the head?” someone whispered.
The girl in brocade clothes on the side said: “Penglai Pavilion is unique, and even its language is not human language. I wonder what the deep meaning of this sentence Abba is?”
The big snake beside Lin Tianhua quickly whispered: “Master Cao, don’t speak casually, it won’t be fun if someone finds out.”
The big bell in Pavilion Master Lin’s hand also quietly conveyed the message with his spiritual consciousness, saying: “Master Cao, I was almost destroyed by his golden seal script before you had the chance to control him. Please don’t mess around.”
The big snake was none other than An Qi, and he asked quietly: “Isn’t it Aying who made Zu Nuo so confused just now?”
Da Zhong said: “It’s his voice. But why can A Ying make Nuo Zu confused with just one word?”
Xian Qi said worriedly: “Ah Ying has angered Nuo Zu. When he dies, his blood won’t be splashed on us, right?”
The big clock said: “We just stay away.”
“Abba.” Pavilion Master Lin nodded repeatedly.
In addition to them, some of Xu Ying’s old friends also recognized his voice and looked around, trying to find traces of Xu Ying.
Guo Xiaodie kept jumping up in the crowd, reaching a high point. The ancestor of the Guo family hurriedly pushed the girl’s head down and whispered: “You don’t want your life! If you jump up again, be careful of Nuozu.” Your brain has been peeled off! If Nuo Zu didn’t peel it off, others would peel it off for you too!”
Guo Xiaodie smiled and said: “I heard the voice of Demon King Xu! Ancestor, you heard it too, right?”
The ancestor of the Guo family was worried and said: “I heard it, so don’t jump anymore. I think that kid has a grudge against Ancestor Nuo. He just messed with Ancestor Nuo’s heart just because he wanted to set off a fire and burn Ancestor Nuo to death.”
He sighed and said, “Maybe we will have to kill each other later.”
Guo Xiaodie was startled and lost her voice: “Ancestor, do you want to kill Ancestor Nuo?”
As soon as these words came out, pairs of eyes suddenly glanced at him, and murderous intent arose all around. Nuo Zu is the ancestor of the Nuo method. He created the existence of the Six Secrets from scratch and has benefited countless people. If you want to kill Nuo Zu, you are going against the people of the world!
The ancestor of the Guo family was shocked and said in a voiceless voice: “Crazy girl, I’m talking about killing relatives for justice!”
Guo Xiaodie blinked: “We are Nuo masters, so of course we are closer to Nuo Ancestor! Can we be closer to that guy Xu Yaowang?”
The ancestor of the Guo family couldn’t defeat her, and said earnestly: “Be calm. When Demon King Xu dies later, the blood will pour down. You can dip some of his blood into a white-flour steamed bun. You might live forever after eating it.”
Nuozu Nuolu’s eyes were like lightnin