. If he were to treat the bones of his bloodline in front of the Yushu Dragon King again, The treasures are gathered together, fearing that they are dancing on their own tomb without realizing it.

Don’t expect that an old monster like Yushu Dragon King will be bound by the rules he has set. If a great demon like this transforms into someone who wants to plot against anyone, he will definitely teach him to die quietly.
Moreover, Chu Weiyang was very alert because the demon vein of this animal had been personally refined by the Yushu Dragon King.
Chu Weiyang had no way of guessing the process, but whether it was using the power of his own Qi and blood or the pure aftertaste of demonic energy.
As long as this demonic vein contains the afterglow of the Yushu Dragon King’s power, and if someone is interested in getting rid of it, I’m afraid it can be directly traced back to the Yushu Dragon King from the qi machine. What’s more, an altar can be set up in the air, or a magic spell can be cast. , or cast a spell, with Chu Weiyang’s knowledge, he could think of many ways to “use” it at this moment.
Precisely because of this, the more he thought about it clearly, the more Chu Weiyang understood in his heart that it was harder to treat the demonic veins and body of this beast as a treasure.
Sure enough, Chu Weiyang saw no movement here. In the same place, a bright light suddenly bloomed above the red light shield. When he looked again, a bloody flame fell down, and suddenly turned into a thin mist of smoke, only facing towards As soon as the jade altar was turned around, all the bloody flesh was “erased”.
After doing this, another bloody flame fell from the sun.
When the flames faded, he looked again and saw a large, round red jade vat hanging in front of Chu Weiyang.
After winning so many games in a row, Chu Weiyang thought to himself that he had never seen any kind of talent before.
Even so, Chu Weiyang still felt a little strange when he saw this big urn.
At this moment, Yushu Dragon King’s rather kind voice sounded.
“In the past, there was an avalanche in the Western Mountains, and the ocean roared thousands of miles away. At that time, there were landslides and ground cracks, which revealed an ancient battlefield site. It is difficult to verify everything about the foundation of that battlefield. It’s just that According to the traces, some monks guessed that in a very long time ago, a large area including the source of the Xishan River still belonged to the living range of the demon clan on the land.
I don’t know if it has something to do with this ancient battlefield. In short, for many years after this, the demon clan on the land moved all the way west, escaping to extremely remote places, and conquered the huge mountains including Xishan. Given to the pure white snow, for a time, the theory of monsters on land almost became anecdotes in ancient books, and even many people did not believe it.
/Until the excavation of the ancient battlefield site.
It was a truly bloody battlefield where monsters fought, a