he called the ABC TV headquarters and asked them to invite reporters in China to come over and take pictures of the scene.

he called the ABC TV headquarters and asked them to invite reporters in China to come over and take pictures of the scene.
They all say that family ugliness should not be publicized, but they never thought that it might become even uglier because of it. It is nothing to be embarrassed for a while. External supervision can allow relevant departments to take action and change the situation. As a member of the Chinese, ABC TV station usually He is a pro-China representative, but now Han Xuan doesn’t want to tolerate it anymore.
If you can encounter something like this casually, does it mean that it happens countless times every day throughout China? According to probability theory, this is very possible.
Brother Jiang vaguely noticed that something seemed wrong, but he couldn’t say what was wrong. They seemed to be too confident.
No one felt scared, not even the beautiful little foreign girl, who was talking and laughing about how unlucky it was today.
As the sound of braking came, and then the clatter of footsteps, someone shouted: “Which little turtle dares to make trouble!? Is there any more law? Catch! Shoot whoever runs away, Malego Chicken, I don’t believe in this evil! Oh, there’s a shotgun, bitch! Throw it away! Where are the people! What did you do to them! Tell me, do you believe or not, I’ll kill you with one shot?!”
/I heard a familiar voice. Lieutenant Colonel Liu was instantly excited and shouted to Han Xuan: “Our leader is here!”
Brother Jiang looked stunned.
/I turned back and looked outside, thinking where did I find these helpers? They came too quickly.
When I left Beijing, it was raining lightly in the sky. It happened to be the rainy season. The weather had not started to get warmer yet, and the coldness penetrated from my feet to my heart.
A bulletproof Hummer and three brand-new Toyota Land Cruisers left one after another from the back door of Prince Chun’s Mansion, which was renamed Han Mansion. Except for the housekeeping staff of Han Mansion, no one else saw them off.
Driving all the way to the northwest, it looks very close on the map, but the actual distance is farther than Han Xuan imagined. It is both a rush and a journey. It is still hard to imagine that the huge Republic of Mongolia does not have a runway that can accommodate the landing of a Boeing 777. It makes getting there more difficult.
For most of the day, my ears were buzzing from the Hummer engine. This bulletproof car full of muscle and beauty was not suitable for Han Xuan and Isabelle. The comfortable and spacious Rolls-Royce was Han Xuan’s favorite. Unfortunately, the highway The construction is not perfect and many places are not suitable for cars to pass.
I just got the three Land Cruisers, and they don’t even have license plates yet. There are only special permits on the glass. You don’t have to pay when passing the toll station. Faced with these “temporary things” that will never recoup the cost. “Toll Road”, I believe many people are probably speechless.
The grasslands in Inner Mongolia a