hey all came too late.

hey all came too late.
There is no doubt that his devotion to Sun Li and the thought he spent on Sun Li were far less than what the other party devoted to him. His thoughts towards him were just like what he did to Liang Ya and Liang Ya. he.
“Is this God’s revenge on me?” In the dark night, Wang Bo blinked, and something slipped out of his eye sockets. He took out his cell phone, faced the keyboard, and pressed the eleven numbers that were etched deep in his mind one by one.
“The phone you dialed has been turned off.” The operator’s robotic voice came from the receiver.
For a moment, Wang Bo wanted to drive to Sun Li’s home and ask her father, Sun Bingguo, for Sun Li’s phone number.
But when he thought that he and Sun Li had been dating for a year, and their relationship was later made public. Even so, he never mentioned to the girl that he would personally visit her father or mother, Wang Bo stopped abruptly. He felt the urge to go to Sun Li’s house.
“In what name and in what capacity do you want Sun Li’s phone number?”
Liang Ya’s breakup made Wang Bo miserable and felt like the world was falling apart. Dong Zhen’s departure not long ago made him feel depressed, all his efforts seemed to be in vain, and he was full of fear for the future, so much so that in order to escape from this fear, he even found a fitness club and tortured himself for two months.
Now that Sun Li had also left, Wang Bo felt that he should be in pain, but in fact he didn’t feel much pain. Instead, he just felt a deep guilt. He felt guilty that when Sun Li was still by his side, he felt a lot of pain. He didn’t treat her well and wholeheartedly, and he didn’t fulfill his duty as a boyfriend.
Since ancient times, there has always been a lot of love and hatred, and this hatred lasts forever.
Are passionate people destined to be hated in the end? I am in many boats, no matter how hard I try and how I maintain it, will I fall into pieces in the end, be seen through by them, and then leave me with endless hatred?
Or is it that girls today are still too young, too idealistic, and too pursuing perfection? Only when you enter society and experience the baptism of cruel reality can you face the reality and seek only practical benefits, and then you can know how to “turn a blind eye” and tolerate your own sentimentality?
Just like Ma Liting and Fang You?
Even Jiang Mei and Tian Xin?
Wang Bo felt that he was not sure anymore.
/Perhaps it is a paradox in itself to say that you are good to everyone and want to keep everyone by your side, while at the same time you want to pursue a vigorous, pure love without any regrets and without any impurities?
A delusion?
Wang Bo is still not sure.
Just through getting along with Dong Zhen and Sun Li, Wang Bo knew that unless he cut off the relationship with Ma Liting, Fang You, Jiang Mei, and Tian Xin, left himself alone, and cleared his name again, otherwise, he would never have that kind of love again. It was perfect and in line with his ideal love.
However, even if he abandons all