ere to give you a step up. Don’t make the mistake of doing things to the best of your ability. You won’t be able to deal with it in the end!”

With a bang, Wang Xuan swung the large shield refined by Yiren Xitian, and with just one blow, the cracked head of the woman in red was wiped off.
Then, he struck two more times, and the last ray of light from the woman in the red dress dissipated as she screamed in horror.
A super peer was completely killed.
Now there is no room for relaxation. The two sides have completely turned against each other. At the moment, the two people not only represent themselves, but also go further. This is a confrontation between two true saints.
/Wang Xuan held five sets of fishing hooks, and his spiritual eyes locked onto his opponent.
Nearby, the limit-breaking wizards all showed their faces, and then some people moved. Now they could not hesitate and quickly surrounded the place.
“Ha, let me see how powerful the so-called Guixu Dojo is!” Wang Xuan looked at everyone without fear.
“One wrong step, one wrong step after another. Looking back at the past, one extraordinary central universe after another dimmed, decayed, and faded away. What is true and what can last? Choice is very important. Your department is standing on the opposite side of the historical torrent! “The purple-haired woman came over and spoke calmly.
There is precious light flowing in her body, and she dares to face the mysterious fishing rod of cause and effect, so she naturally has something to rely on.
“Why are you pretending to be a big clove of garlic? Who do you think you are? Do you really represent destiny and the general trend? Let your Grandpa Kong Xuan and your Great Sage teach you how to be a human being!”
Wang Xuan tentatively pulled out a set of fishing hooks, which were invisible and invisible. It wasn’t until the void passed that the bright, bright fishing hooks as thick as his arms appeared and stabbed the purple-haired woman’s Tianling Cap.
/A ray of light flew out of the woman’s body, blocking the set of fishing hooks and shaking them open. This was a bit shocking. The causal fishing rod was invisible and impossible to guard against.
Obviously, she has a lot of treasures on her.
Wang Xuan was not surprised by this.
A powerful beam of light flew out of the purple-haired woman’s heart. It was extremely frightening and headed towards Wang Xuan’s eyebrows.
He used his fishing hook to lock his opponent, and with a bang, a terrifying light emitted from the void, shaking the huge cabin.
At the same time, Wang Xuan held the Immortal Bow and shot towards the purple-haired woman. The bright light turned into a galaxy and flew out.
With a bang, a violent explosion occurred here. Not only did light rise up in the woman’s body, but also terrifying runes bloomed, which offset the most powerful blow of the Immortal Bow.
At the same time, the five sets of fishing hooks offered by Wang Xuan were also blocked and failed to break through the purple-haired woman’s mysterious and astonishing body-p