mperial runes were intertwined in his eyes. His eyes were extremely deep and terrifying, but his clenched fists were loosened again.

Because he believed in the ancestor of Zhulong, a foreigner who had lived for more than a century, and his vision was naturally far beyond his. Although he still had some killer skills, in the realm of true immortals, he most likely was not as good as this demon king.
Zhu Hai whispered: “I follow the instructions of my ancestors.”
Wang Xuan quit. Why? Have you asked him? If you can’t beat him, stop the duel immediately. If you can’t beat him, just kill him directly.
/“How can this be fair? I am disappointed with the Bronze Giant Palace.” He spoke directly. There was no need to hold back. The other party really wanted to be partial. If he attacked him here, even lowering his head would be useless.
Rather than this, he didn’t care anymore and expressed his feelings directly, with cold eyes and full of wildness. Do you really think that the giant bronze palace can cover the sky with one hand? !
“Do you have any objections?” Chen Gu turned to look at him.
“Yes!” Wang Xuan’s eyes were bright, he raised his head and looked at him. Even if he was a top stranger, he would be disdainful if he wanted to control the battle situation in the bronze arena unscrupulously.
“I am motivated.” Chen Gu, a short stranger, nodded, then looked at Zhu Hai and asked, “What do you think?”
Zhu Hai looked at Wang Xuan, with a hint of chill on his calm face, and said, “If he doesn’t accept it, then just kill him.”
Wang Xuan’s murderous intention soared. It was really beyond his expectation that such a change would occur. Could such a shameful and dark act occur in the arena of the giant bronze palace?
Chen Gu looked at Zhu Hai, nodded and said, “You have such a dark heart. You were going to be defeated, but now you want to kill your opponent.”
Zhu Hai stood there with no expression on his face and said: “Everything is in compliance with the ancestor’s instructions.”
Chen Gu said: “Well, your ancestor, that old dragon means that you pay some price to compensate Kong Xuan and end this battle.”
“Huh?” Zhu Hai was stunned and deeply surprised. His ancestors had relied on connections to find an unfathomable stranger in the giant bronze palace, reached the conditions, and intervened in the duel. Why did he compromise like this in the end and kill him directly? Wouldn’t it be better to remove the holes?
Wang Xuan was also startled, but then he was still on guard.
His face was expressionless. It was a fair duel, but it could reach this point. What else could he believe? He can’t relax and is always ready to fight to the end!
“Aren’t you willing?” Chen Gu asked.
“This” Zhu Hai frowned. The situation was not completely reversed and he needed to pay a price. He looked at the stranger in the giant bronze palace and knew very well who was the master here. He could only lower his head and express his willingness to obey the Zhulong Ancestor. Oral instruction.
/“What price do you want him to pay?” Chen Gu asked W