private. He saw Kong Xuan move and followed him quietly.

Then, he came over in a grand manner. He was the most familiar with the two kings of Wuxing Mountain. He stood together naturally, and then immediately opened his eyes.
“Be more reserved. Didn’t you see someone inside? He might be from another world!” Kong Xuan reminded him secretly.
Xiong Shan was startled, rubbed the dark circles under his eyes, and made sure he saw it correctly, and secretly responded: “Where is it? Isn’t it a pile of black and white bamboo shoots? They are the best ones in our ancestor’s garden!”
Wang Xuan was already eager to give it a try and was about to rush in. He took over this place and took away everything he could.
“Are you sure?” He quickly asked secretly.
“Yes, the table is full of black and white yin-yang jade bamboo shoots.” Xiong Shan responded secretly.
Wang Xuan was suspicious. He had already opened his spiritual eyes, but he could still see wrongly? The next moment, Yudao-like textures appeared in his eyes, and he was blessed with heavenly eyes to peep further.
He was sure that the scenery he saw had not changed.
But he also noticed subtleties.
If your eyes are attracted to one of the objects and stare at it without moving, that is the object that attracts you the most. The scene will remain suspended and other objects will disappear.
This place is so special. For everyone, different people can see different scenery.
Wang Xuan glanced around, not stopping at a single scene.
In the white mist, the woman held a page of golden paper in her left hand and frowned in understanding. Her white and slender right hand held a small luminous cup and drank from it.
/Moreover, at this moment, Wang Xuan vaguely saw her outline, which seemed a bit familiar, but it was quickly covered up by the thicker strange fog.
He was surprised, it looked like the person he had recently come into contact with? It’s a pity that he couldn’t see it clearly. At a quick glance, it was slightly blurry, but it seemed beautiful.
“What did you see?” Wang Xuan communicated with several people respectively.
Some people ignored him, such as one of the two strange young men, while others responded.
“There is a woman playing the piano, accompanied by singing, which is very beautiful and cleanses people’s souls.” This was Ye Ge’s response. He stared at a scripture on the table, which seemed to be piano music.
He saw a strange scene from there. There were people sitting cross-legged and playing the harp. The sky was full of stars, pouring down. It was extremely magical. It was like a foreign country.
“I saw part of the tragic battle at the end of the era. It was a bloody massacre in the darkest place of the universe!” One of the strange young men responded.
Suddenly, Wang Xuan saw behind the gauze, a thin stream of light appeared beside the woman’s ears in the white mist. They were tangible ripples, seeming to come from the sky and enter her ears.
She listened attentively, very seriously, and even nodded.
Then, she actually got up and seemed to be