uo Xiaoliang, recognized as a genius in his grade, lamented, “How can I be a bright person if I am a king?”

uo Xiaoliang, recognized as a genius in his grade, lamented, “How can I be a bright person if I am a king?”
Wang Bo is also super talented. His talent even impressed his mother, Cheng Wenjin, a talented woman from Sichuan Music in the past. She said that the author of “Meeting” was extraordinary and could establish a career in the Chinese music scene with this song and make a career in the world.
Wang Bo is extremely mature. At a very young age, Liang Ya clearly realized how outstanding and unique her appearance was when comparing herself with her friends around her. Not to mention that she was the most beautiful person in the country, at least she was beautiful. Among the entire four, it is also one of the best. Her beautiful appearance not only gave her extraordinary self-confidence, but also brought “heavy” pressure to the boys who liked her. No matter who he is, whether he is ordinary or outstanding, no matter how outstanding the boy is, when he is face to face with her, she can very clearly feel the tension and uneasiness of the other person. If the boy is more serious, his face will turn red and his veins will swell, and he will say nothing. The slightly better ones were also hesitant, unable to convey the meaning of their words, and the preface and follow-up words were inconsistent; there were also some who were particularly confident, deliberately assuming a mature and steady posture in front of her, talking loudly, and giving advice. However, this kind of person appears extremely naive and artificial in front of Liang Ya, a “veteran” who has seen all kinds of “devious tricks” used by boys since she was a child. In Liang Ya’s ears, their high-pitched speeches became rhetoric, and their instructions became intentional showoff and showoff, and the methods were not very clever. They were just parodies of adults’ words. They were all clichés and nothing at all. Nothing new.
But what about this guy Wang Bo? Ever since she was little, Liang Ya has never seen such a mature and “thick-skinned” boy! Wang Bo’s maturity is a true maturity from head to toe, from inside to outside, from hair to blood, rather than a fake maturity that pretends to be mature. Liang Ya had never seen this guy nervous before. He always has a bright face and greets me with a smile. Several times in the school playground, when he stopped her in public, he was also direct and bold, casual and free. With her female intuition, she knew that this guy’s many encounters with her were intentional, but Liang Ya was surprised to find that she had no objection to this. Instead, she often felt a sense of surprise and expectation, looking forward to this guy. What tricks can you use next time, what excuses can you find.
/Liang Ya only glanced at Wang Bo’s bold and fiery eyes, and she was so frightened that she hurriedly dodged and lowered her head, not daring to look again. The heartbeat also suddenly increased. Liang Ya couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed, and a little like it, but more of it was at a loss, an inexplicable panic, fearing that t