is own people.

In the vast sea of ????stars, those extraordinary beings were sluggish and motionless, including the alien Xitian in the distance. The huge head embodied by spiritual energy remained frozen in place even if it squeezed into the deep space.
All because the True Saint of Huaguo Mountain came and exerted pressure in all directions.
Finally, after the “True Saint” restrained his aura, the people nearby woke up and were extremely shocked.
Some people were extremely frightened and screamed, while some people swallowed the extraordinary factors in large gulps, their chests rising and falling violently. Many people were paralyzed in the void, not wanting to move at all.
“How can there be a true saint in Huaguo Mountain?” Wu Dao’s face turned pale. He was under unimaginable pressure and struggled to raise his head.
However, there was a click and his head did not rise. There were cracks in the neck bones and multiple fractures.
Then, he was suppressed by a vast and unpredictable force, and he knelt in the starry sky with a thud.
“Who are you?” The woman with a tear mole in the corner of her eye, the five-color armor on her body clanking, she used all the extraordinary power in her body, but she couldn’t raise her head.
In fact, everyone is like this, as if they have entered the paper from the real world and become the person in the painting, almost losing themselves.
“I am the Taoist Saint!” In the starry sky, the figure shining with divine light made a calm and indifferent voice, shaking the entire sea of ????stars.
As the words finished, these people were finally able to raise their heads, and they all couldn’t help but look at the extremely powerful ball of light.
The next moment, many people’s eyes were broken, and blood and tears flowed, as if some rumors had been verified, and the true saint could not look at him.
In the starry sky, there is only a figure hanging high, cutting off the past, present and future with its body, releasing a bright light, illuminating the boundless universe.
/He stood there, and the rich light of imperialism was flowing around the fields!
There is no doubt that he was transformed from Yu Daoqi.
After so many years, the nine cracks on his body have changed, especially after he obtained a scripture on transformation from the mobile phone.
Now, his cracks have turned into nine orifices, which can emit the light of the origin of life. Those light particles can briefly condense into a real human form.
Wang Xuan stood not far away and said: “Who said that Huaguo Mountain is located in the corner of the corner and there is no true saint?”
“How could the ‘story’ of a remote universe and a barren land turn into an ‘accident’ and a creature comparable to a true saint really appear?”
At this moment, the “True Saint” appeared in the sky. Many people could not control themselves and directly said what they were thinking.
“A false saint? There must be something wrong, right?” The woman with a mole in the corner of her eye, Wu Dao’s junior sister, covered her mouth and stop