ng Xuan” Zhao Qinghan’s face turned pale. After getting the news, her heart palpitated, worried that something might happen to him.

“It’s okay, it’s just a firework with some technology. This kind of attack is nothing. If they think there are too many warships, they can regularly add luster to space.”
/Next, various calls came in one after another. Some acquaintances were concerned, and some organizations were concerned and asked for details.
On that day, there were all kinds of discussions. After all, the ceiling of the extraordinary realm, and an Earth Immortal encountering a warship for target practice, had a really great impact.
“Interesting, someone finally started to take action. Did you see any signs? Realizing that the Earth Immortal is actually corrupt, is this a test?” Someone made this inference.
After all, in the past, all parties were cautious and kept peace with each other, and no one was willing to stir up a storm.
“I also think that he is not worthy of his name. It has been nearly nine years since the end of the extraordinary world, and almost all immortals have gradually become mortals. He was a little special back then, but there is a high probability that he will not be able to resist for long. I have not seen him take action in these years, and he has been attacking Running in the universe may be escaping and hiding one’s own weakness.”
Some people followed up and expressed their opinions. This terrorist attack has led some people to speculate about the extraordinary current situation.
Of course, these were not discussed openly, as they were somewhat sensitive after all, but some organizations and camps had begun to have doubts.
However, that day, a photo made them a little distracted.
In the old days, a space probe captured Wang Xuan walking on the moon. He was not wearing a space suit, and he was calmly measuring in the Zu Chongzhi crater and walking in other famous craters.
Many people were speechless. Is this a trip? Going to the moon?
“Earth Immortal, you are so unscientific. How can there be such a person in this age?” Not long ago, people who were still secretly excited thought that the truth had been revealed, thinking that myths would never be silenced and extraordinary beings Completely weak, now disappointed and even a little angry.
“As expected of the King of Earth Immortals. Looking at his relaxed and carefree appearance, his physical body may not have changed at all compared to back then!” There are declining transcendent beings who are happy and excited. As long as there is such a strong person in the transcendent world, everything will be fine. If people dare to act rashly, they will be extremely afraid.
Not long after, Zhou Qinghuang left a message on the self-media platform, which was quite sad: I miss it and want to walk on the moon in person.
For a time, extraordinary people from all walks of life, especially the immortals in the past, had complicated emotions. They also wanted to travel between heaven and earth and enter the universe.
In the past, these were n