ritten by Lin Taixian in Mandarin, because they were more suitable for the occasion, but the feeling of complete emotional catharsis should be the doctor’s concert version. You can listen to it according to your own taste.

It didn’t take long after entering the lounge.
Tongtong suddenly ran over panting heavily: “Teacher Lanling Wang, the order of appearance has been decided. Your battle with the Goddess of Vengeance is today’s opening show!”
Opening again?
Lin Yuan suddenly thought of something and nodded slightly. He got up and headed to the waiting area with Tongtong.
at this time.
The live broadcast has started, and the audience is whispering to each other.
Amid the huge noise, An Hong suddenly said:
“Now let’s invite our Lady of Vengeance and Prince Lanling to walk on the stage together.”
Lin Yuan walked onto the stage.
at the same time.
At another entrance, the Furies also entered the stage.
Two people side by side.
An Hong said with a smile: “Today there is no setting for who sings first. The two singers can decide by themselves, or they can use rock, paper, scissors.”
The audience burst into laughter.
The goddess of revenge looked at King Lanling, suddenly picked up the microphone and said: “There is no need for rock, paper, scissors. I heard that there is a mysterious curse on this stage, which is that the first mover will lose. I want to try to break this curse, Teacher Lanling said. how?”
Lin Yuan had no objection.
He voluntarily gave up the stage.
/The goddess of revenge smiled and did not start singing directly, but continued:
/“The song I’m going to sing next is for myself and my fans. I don’t care about the honor of being the king of singers and queen of singers, because I am! Yes! The queen of songs!”
Thunderous applause!
The goddess of revenge raised her head: “There are some things I don’t say because I want to say them on the stage. There are some things I don’t do because I want to do them on this stage. Prince Lanling, have you ever heard of revenge?”
Lin Yuan said nothing.
But with these words of the goddess of revenge, the audience suddenly became excited. Even the expressions of the four judges changed, and some even couldn’t help but scream loudly:
“New Year’s Eve!”
And at the same time.
Countless viewers sitting in front of the screen suddenly burst out with countless barrages. Apparently everyone understood the hint of the goddess of revenge:
“It’s New Year’s Eve!”
“She wants revenge!”
“Her name is Nemesis!”
“As expected, I’m here for revenge!”
“Prince Lanling’s previous comments about Yuan Xi made Yuan Xi angry, so she transformed into the goddess of revenge just to defeat Prince Lanling on the stage!”
Hormones are triggered!
This is a declaration of revenge!
This is the audience’s favorite scene. The goddess of revenge was very satisfied with the effect of her words. When the shouts stopped, she suddenly spoke:
“This scar.”
“Who stays.”
“Desert wind and sand.”
“Scorching summer.”
“The roar of the blizzard!”
“Did you hear that?”