it a try!

The opportunity to get rich is right in front of you!
However, major ticketing websites soon introduced a series of rules and restrictions:
It is strictly prohibited to use software to steal tickets; it is strictly prohibited to purchase more than ten tickets from the same network address; it is strictly prohibited
These are rules for speculators.
that’s all.
Another second.
The newly added 50,000 Xianyu concert tickets were sold out immediately!
“I got my girlfriend!”
Someone’s screams pierced the space.
Thanks to the prompt from yesterday’s circle of friends, everyone understands:
Xianyu concert tickets = girlfriend.
But more of them are the painful wails of those who failed to grab tickets.
Fifty thousand tickets are too few compared to the large group of people grabbing tickets.
The speed of selling out this time was even a few tenths of a second faster than last night!
Xianyu once again broke the record for the fastest ticket sales for a concert.
Although the last record was set by himself last night.
“Can you please add more?”
“I’ll definitely get it if I do it again!”
“It’s outrageous that I didn’t get a ticket for Gigabit Fiber Optic!”
“God knows how many times I clicked to buy tickets in one second, but the mouse button broke. I still didn’t get the ticket. Instead, I clicked on a mouse worth 300 yuan, and I lost a lot of money.”
“I gave you the opportunity to make money, but you didn’t use it!”
“Have you seen my bulging wallet? Give me a ticket. It’s all yours.”
Countless netizens who didn’t get tickets left messages on Xingmang’s official Weibo.
This is collective resentment.
at this time.
Xingmang’s official Weibo suddenly posted a video: “I’d like to apologize to the students who didn’t get tickets. The venue can only accommodate 100,000 spectators. We will release the full version of the concert video in the future. If you are really unhappy, , just watch this video to decompress it.”
Netizens were stunned for a moment.
We are all so sad, and you still show us funny videos?
Someone clicked in and burst into laughter.
In the video.
I saw Xianyu staring at the computer seriously.
“Representative, it’s eight o’clock, hurry up and grab one for me!”
A voice suspected to be Xianyu’s assistant sounded, and then Xianyu clicked the mouse frantically.
Da da da da da!
Two seconds later, a pop-up window popped up on the webpage: “Sorry, the tickets for the Xianyu concert have been sold out.”
Xianyu stopped moving.
A bracket popped up in the video: “Not a still picture.”
That’s right!
This is a video of Xianyu grabbing concert tickets in the morning!
/What made everyone laugh and cry was that Xianyu didn’t even get the tickets for his concert.
“Hahahaha, what the hell!”
“Is it okay if Xianyu can’t get tickets to his own concert?”
“Oh my god, isn’t this who I was just now?”
“The sense of immersion is very strong. I was the one who just grabbed the tickets and I was right!”
“Xianyu: I don’t have a ticket, can I still sing in the Bird’