when “Basketball Fire” was released, there were really very few people who liked reading sports comics, but even so, He Dajun also made this popular. Niche category!”

“It was difficult at that time.”
“The director of Tribe Comics named Ling Kong is quite handsome, but that’s not the point. The point is that He Dajun expressed our feelings. Everyone acknowledges the popularity of “King of the Internet”, but the era when this comic was released has an advantage. , and Chu Kuang’s plot is really well written, and Shadow wants to compare purely with He Dajun’s grades, which is a bit shameful.”
“Strictly speaking, Shadow can only take one-third of the credit for the success of “Net King”, the other one-third belongs to Chu Kuang, and the other one-third belongs to seniors such as He Dajun who pioneered sports comics.”
Netizens who supported Shadow were stunned:
“Another third of the credit belongs to He Dajun. I never expected this!”
“The logic is touching.”
“Why don’t you just say that “King of Internet” was painted by He Dajun!”
“It’s no match for other genres like Shadow. The entire tribe’s comics were hung up and beaten in a sea of ​​flames. Now you’re talking about sports comics alone?”
“If you ask He Dajun to draw “King of the Internet”, let me see if he can become popular.”
Just when the two sides were arguing, Lin Yuan also saw the interview video.
You like basketball, right?
He logged into Shadow’s blog account, carefully checked to confirm that he had not logged in to the wrong account, and then posted a message:
“The animation of the new “Slam Dunk” is in production, and the comic will be released soon in the league. This is a story about basketball, youth, and dreams.”
At that time, everyone was still talking.
And when Shadow’s news was released, the supporters on both sides of Shadow and He Dajun fell silent at the same time. This sentence was like a thunder exploding in everyone’s ears.
Netizens are confused!
“what did he say!”
This is nonsense. What Shadow said is clearly written on the blog post, but people seem to inevitably come up with similar nonsense after hearing overly shocking remarks.
/New work! ?
In the sea of ​​​​dead fire and the return of “Kindaichi Boy’s Incident Book”, isn’t the shadow already spread?
Even if he doesn’t need to draw the plot himself, he should still have to think about it. As a result, he was writing four comics at the same time and still had the energy to create new comics. This is actually the rhythm of the comics! ?
basketball! ?
Basketball is obviously the sport that He Dajun is best at depicting!
Shouldn’t Shadow’s new comic be based on his most familiar theme, tennis?
“Is he crazy again?”
“The person who said Shadow was crazy last time still hasn’t had his face swollen, but this time I really want to say it to his still-swollen face. Is he really crazy this time? Is he still crazy? Even though he is exhausted, he still wants to score five goals. Is this still the shadow I know who is so lazy that he can lie down and