s always interests that truly determine the relationship between two countries. This is an irrefutable truth.

If the United States extends a helping hand, members of the interim government may be shaken.
So next, a large number of Chinese soldiers appeared in the temporary government’s recruit camp.
/Of course, the superficial argument is that Java has no veterans now, so the training of these newly recruited soldiers will be a problem.
As a responsible big country, China has a duty to assist some instructors.
Of course, the whole process does not just end with sending some instructors. Next, a number of middle school students and college students will be selected from Sihanouk City and sent to military academies in China for relevant officer training in order to provide this newly established Javanese army with training. The army provides sufficiently qualified officers.
In addition, even after the training of the new recruits is completed, the instructors will serve as their squad leaders until enough veterans are produced among them!
In short, if this point alone is implemented, Java’s military power can be said to have fallen into the hands of China.
As for other assistance, there are even more, helping Java to train teachers, train doctors, train agricultural technicians, etc. It can be said that it covers all aspects.
Even if those officials of the provisional government intend to betray in the future, the entire country is full of pro-China strata. How low will the success rate of such a betrayal be? Just thinking about it makes me sweat on my back.
Of course, although China has the scope to incorporate Java into its territory, this kind of thing will not be rushed for a while.
As a series of measures began to be implemented, Wei Xiaobei also ended his two-week rest in Sihanouk City and began to clean up the indigenous magic soldiers entrenched on the Java islands with the assistance of the Chinese fleet.
Within a day, several indigenous gods huddled in their lairs received relevant news.
On the northern island of Blue Mian Island, a somewhat crude-looking temple has been erected thanks to the efforts of tens of thousands of indigenous magic soldiers.
This is also a helpless thing. Although there are a lot of construction machinery left on Lanmian Island, few of the indigenous magic soldiers know how to operate these construction machinery.
As a result, those indigenous magic soldiers could only use pure manpower to build the temple.
/After so many months, it would be good to be able to build a temple. As for whether the shape and decoration are simple or simple, it doesn’t matter.
You know, even when the belief in indigenous gods was at its peak, there was no temple over ten meters high in Java!
But now the height of this temple is more than thirty meters, covering an area of ??tens of thousands of square meters. Among the temples, it can be considered top-notch.
There are many huge stone pillars erected in the temple for load-bearing. There are many torches stuck in the gaps between the ston