the world with one move.

the world with one move.
Sun Hao did not take any more risks.
Stealing is ultimately a gamble.
Just like blocking is the last resort for interior defense, stealing is also the last resort for outside defense.
Most of the time, the performance of top defensive players is something that data cannot reflect.
Sun Hao himself may not realize that his defensive understanding is improving rapidly.
In addition, Deron’s movements are heavy-paced and not very fast.
I’ll follow you in slow motion with my left hand and right hand, and replay it in slow motion with my right hand and left hand
. Deron failed to pass Sun Hao, but West from the Hornets had quietly come over to pick and roll.
Sun Hao was so focused on Delong’s movements that he didn’t notice, and was blocked this time.
At this moment, Delong changed direction to the right, bent his waist and thrust in.
Still as still as water, moving like a runaway rabbit, ready to go, as fast as the wind.
A 16-word motto for rhythm players.
Delong accelerated and rushed in, originally planning to dunk directly.
It’s just that Mark Jackson’s support inside is not in place, and O’Neal is already assisting in defense outside.
He can only choose to stop short jump shot.
The moment he took action, he felt a cool breeze blowing from the back of his head.
Didn’t wait for his reaction.
The ball in his hand was slapped and flew out of the court!
Sun Hao!
After being blocked, Sun Hao turned around and pursued the defense.
This time, Deron was unable to defend against O’Neal’s attack from inside and outside!
/The cheers started again.
Sun Hao is really different from the past!
This pursuit and defense is like a small emperor! !
The Hornets’ sideline ball came out, and West’s jump shot after receiving the ball from a high position missed.
O’Neal protected the defensive rebound and the Hornets’ offense was interrupted!
Moreover, the Lakers immediately launched a defensive counterattack. After receiving the ball, Sun Hao passed the ball across the half court to Hill.
Hill didn’t waste the pass and scored a fast break dunk!
9 to 5!
The Lakers are starting to gain momentum!
West beat Walker in the low post and turned around beautifully.
But O’Neal made a fierce save, which frightened him. His hands shook and the ball hit the basket.
Mark Jackson’s reaction over there was really slow. He missed the rebound that was close at hand and Ariza flew over to get it.
Fortunately, this time the Hornets retreated quickly enough and did not allow the Lakers to directly break into a fast break.
“Come on! Lakers!”
But the fans at the scene shouted in unison, and the atmosphere at the scene had already risen.
Sun Hao holds the ball from outside.
After a few rounds, he knew that it would be difficult to face Deron with his current defensive ability.
In addition, Hill can’t keep up with his pace and can’t switch defenses with him, so the best way to solve this problem is
to beat Deron! !
Players’ physical fitness is limited.