rls at home, plus him, a teenage middle school student, and no one would gossip if they knew about it.

rls at home, plus him, a teenage middle school student, and no one would gossip if they knew about it.
But Wang Jichang and Zeng Fanyu obviously didn’t think as deeply as Wang Bo, and they didn’t have as many tricks as him. They just felt that it was not safe for Guan Ping, a teenage girl, to live in the city. If anything happened, his family would be responsible. Can’t bear this responsibility. It became a matter of course to ask his son to take care of him and be a companion.
Another reason is that my son lives in the city, so he doesn’t have to get up so early in the morning and can go to bed early at night. During this time, Wang Bo went out early and came back late with the two adults, and had to work overtime and read at night. Zeng Fanyu felt extremely distressed after seeing this. Even the selfish and self-centered Wang Jichang felt a little guilty towards his stepson.
“Yes, Mom. Don’t worry, I will leave Sister Ping to me. I will take care of her safety. By the way, when you come over tomorrow, give me the pile of books and papers on my desk, including the pencil case. Bring it here and bring me a few changes of clothes, and I will live in the city most of the time from now on.” Wang Bo suppressed the excitement in his heart and said calmly to his parents.
“Yes. Just books and clothes. I’ll bring them to you tomorrow. Guan Ping, come here and I’ll tell you something.” After Zeng Fanyu said to his son, he waved to Guan Ping.
“After working on it for a long time, you still don’t believe in your son’s determination?” Wang Bo cursed in his heart. When he saw his mother pulling Guan Ping aside and muttering instructions, Guan Ping kept nodding and looking at him with a smile from time to time. Wang Bo almost No need to guess, you know that your mother must have said something to tell Guan Ping to protect herself.
“Sister Ping, what on earth did my mother say to you?” Wang Bo asked Guan Ping, who was sitting in the back seat, on the way to the night market.
/“Haha, Mother Zeng gave me some money and asked me to buy some things.” Guan Ping said with a smile behind her.
“Buying something? What to buy? Wolf-proof device?” Wang Bo joked.
“What? Wolf-proof device? What is that?” Guan Ping asked in confusion.
Guan Ping’s words made Wang Bo understand that his mother definitely didn’t ask Guan Ping to buy the murder weapon to prevent him, but that it had something to do with Guan Ping herself.
“I know. ‘Bread’! Did my mother tell you to buy ‘bread’?”
“What, bread? Didn’t you just have dinner? Why buy bread?” Guan Ping was still confused. She found that she didn’t quite understand many of the words in Wang Bo’s mouth.
/“Stupid! What your girls put under their underwear is square and soft, doesn’t it look like bread?” ”
No way!” Guan Ping’s face turned red.
“Hahaha! What a joke!”
After entering a small supermarket and Guan Ping was picking eggs, brown sugar and fermented glutinous rice in the living area, Wang Bo finally understood what his mother asked Guan Ping to buy. A warm current flowed