pleted what he wanted to do: change hands behind his back!

pleted what he wanted to do: change hands behind his back!
The ball was changed from the left hand to the right hand, and then Sun Hao took a step forward and jumped into the air.
/James wouldn’t do it, but the OS in his heart was in a state of shock. He didn’t expect Sun Hao to want to dunk him!
This idol of mine is really extremely cruel!
And more importantly, he made a mistake in judgment just now, and it is no longer so easy to prevent this dunk.
But it’s him after all!
With his unparalleled physical fitness, he took off while turning around, and moved towards Sun Hao with his long arms.
Even if this ball cannot be blocked, it can still prevent Sun Hao from completing a dunk!
However, James obviously underestimated Sun Hao’s determination.
If it is a temporary change of hands in the face of a defense, the ball will most likely be blocked because of insufficient take-off height.
But Sun Hao, from the beginning, wanted to dunk James! !
Sun Hao’s take-off was very good, and the dunk master’s badge was also given a bonus!
After pulling the ball to the highest point, Sun Hao pushed the ball toward the basket through James.
James’ interference did not have the effect he imagined!
The ball was hit hard into the basket, and the huge impact caused a huge muffled sound, which was heard through the loudspeaker.
The scene exploded instantly!
Barkley cursed and covered his eyes with his hands, his expression unbearable.
James is not Martin, and the person who completed the dunk was Sun Hao!
This will definitely be among the top ten dunks of this year’s season!
Jordan was there laughing.
Sun Hao really showed no mercy to his disciples.
“Baby, I want to see him in this year’s dunk contest, we must see him in this year’s dunk contest!”
Barkley started shouting after coming back to his senses.
On the court, Sun Hao landed quickly after completing the dunk.
At that moment, he felt so happy.
The effect brought by this badge is powerful enough!
James was still a little dazed. He didn’t come back to his senses until Sun Hao had already returned to defense and Iverson came over and called him.
When he came back to his senses, his expression turned gloomy.
In the Nuggets’ offense, James signaled to pull away and started a singles attack on Ariza from a 45-degree angle on the right.
/There weren’t many technical moves, or even much logic. After a change of direction, he just squeezed past Ariza.
Ariza feels like he is being pushed all the time tonight!
After passing Ariza, James was already flying into the air more than two meters away from the basket.
This is a super long-distance gliding fly buckle! !
Over there, Camby used all his strength to jam O’Neal, and only Walker of the Lakers had time to help defend.
At this time, James showed his incredible physical fitness in the 1.0 era.
He pulled the ball with one hand in the air to avoid Walker’s block, then re-adjusted the position of the ball with his left hand, and then smashed the ball into