on to Sun Hao, he also praised Laga Bell by name.

on to Sun Hao, he also praised Laga Bell by name.
“He is Kobe’s terminator.”
“We tried everyone, Michael, Adrian, and Sun were the only ones who did it.”
Bell’s nickname was born in advance.
And there is nothing wrong with what he said. Kobe faced Bell’s defense and made zero shots in two shots at the last moment.
But Bell did defend it.
After the press conference, Sun Hao and Nowitzki returned to the locker room together.
On the way to the locker room, the two of them talked about the championship again.
Although O’Neal did not play, tonight’s victory was a huge encouragement to the Mavericks.
Sun Hao also had some ideas.
It is unrealistic to guard O’Neal, but the Jazz did not guard Yao Ming in the classic Jazz-Houston playoffs in history.
But Okur also gave Yao Ming a headache at first.
LaFrentz’s words can have a similar effect.
Especially with the new rules coming out this season and an ankle injury, O’Neal has been squatting in the penalty area many times and unable to come out.
While they were chatting, the two suddenly stopped because there was someone standing at the door of the locker room.
Scarlett Johansson.
Sun Hao walked over with some doubts.
“Do you have time?”
Scarlett invited Sun Hao.
Sun Hao didn’t know what happened to Scarlett, but he nodded anyway.
In fact, don’t tell me, even though he knew Scarlett was not Yoselin, during the game, he could still recall the scene when he was in EBA.
Maybe his performance tonight had something to do with that, who knows.
“I have to take a shower.”
Sun Hao continued.
Scarlett laughed after hearing this.
Seeing Scarlett’s smile, Sun Hao’s heart was inexplicably stirred.
Some things will never disappear no matter how deeply they are hidden.
When Sun Hao took a shower and left the locker room, there were waves of whistles and cheers from his teammates behind him.
Most of them have known Sun Hao for more than a year. Sun Hao doesn’t even have a rumored girlfriend, let alone a girlfriend.
Now she is a Hollywood actress. Although she is not famous, she is enough to make them excited.
Otherwise, if Sun Hao continues to be like this, they will have to doubt his orientation just like his father did.
After leaving the locker room, the two of them walked and chatted.
Sun Hao didn’t expect the content of the conversation at all, it was about the competition.
After chatting, Sun Hao was a little confused.
/Because he found that Scarlett was a little different from the last time she came to his house.
The person who couldn’t tell when the NBA season was in the past has actually reached the point where he has some understanding of the rules of basketball.
It’s really puzzling.
When they arrived at the coffee shop, the two of them sat down and continued chatting.
“Your girlfriend won’t have any objection if you come out with me, right?”
Scarlett asked after sitting down and ordering coffee.
“I don’t have a girlfriend.”
Sun Hao replied, although it was a bit heartbreaking to say this from his own mouth