or”, they will at most be depressed or manic, and may occasionally have nightmares, but will not suffer obvious harm. It is said that the Sequence 0 of his path is the “True Creator”, and he has been wandering in the ravings of this evil god. Even if he is deaf, problems will occur sooner or later.

Once Histoll goes crazy or loses control, due to the special nature of this sea area, it is indeed difficult for others on the ship to survive. However, Klein believes that as long as he can survive the raid, he will have the opportunity to pray to the “Fool” and go to the gray mist. The problem can still be solved by using Poseidon’s Scepter in response.
It is not ruled out that the gibbering was a legacy left over later. Klein did not make a blind judgment. He watched the “Queen of Mystery” pass over him, caressing the sculpture on the handrail, and slowly walked down.
This lady has a tall back, is appropriately fat and thin, and has a very good figure. Her long chestnut hair is simply worn.
This made Klein feel inexplicably familiar. After recalling the incident involving the “Mysterious Queen”, he finally remembered the source of the familiarity:
When he visited the Russell Memorial Exhibition in search of the “blasphemous card”, he saw a similar figure from behind. At that time, the figure from behind was dressed quite strangely. He was clearly wearing a girlish yellow cake skirt, but also a rather old-fashioned black soft hat. .
/“It should be the Queen of Mystery. She also visited the Russell Memorial Exhibition in advance. She was looking at the basic education textbooks improved by the emperor for his children, the chess and building blocks invented by the emperor. She was convinced that what I took was the Black Emperor card.
“The Emperor’s eldest daughter, Bernadette, founded the Dawn of Elements to fight against the Moss Ascetic Order. From the diary, this lady appreciates the motto of doing whatever you want, but do no harm. Therefore, it can be inferred from these two points that she has a high probability of He is a demigod who sees the secret path
“The Sequence 4 of the Secret Peeper is the occultist Mysterious Queen. Of course, the Mysterious Queen’s reputation has spread across the sea for decades or hundreds of years. She must be more than a Sequence 4 now. Well, after Cattleya left the Mysterious Queen, she joined Moss asceticism. meeting
“This queen is very concerned about whether Russell’s diary can be deciphered.”
/Various pieces of information were intertwined together, giving Klein a sudden guess:
Perhaps, the “Mysterious Queen” is the eldest daughter of Emperor Russell, Bernadette Gustave
This may explain the reason why the queen’s dress is earth-style but quite strange. She was deeply influenced by the emperor’s preferences in this aspect, and she could not completely break away from the trend of the current era, so she synthesized a unique, Whether the unique self-style is good-looking or not is another matter. A beautiful person looks good wearing a sack, which is also fashionable. Kl