s behalf.”

Klein quickly finalized the plan and let the extraordinary characteristics of the “sheriff” and “interrogator” fly to the corner and hide in the pile of debris.
“I don’t know what the names of Sequence 6 and Sequence 5 of the Arbitrator Path are respectively. Judges who use order and law.” Klein retracted his thoughts, half-closed his eyes, and carefully examined his own state.
He once again had the feeling of spirituality becoming lively, the potion being stirred, and digestion accelerating.
/This time, he intuitively believed that he had summarized most of the “Magician’s Code”, and the remaining details might be better, but it didn’t matter if they didn’t, as they would not affect the progress of digestion too much.
Revealing a round-belly fountain pen and parchment, Klein wrote as if to strengthen his memory.
“The Magician’s Code:
“1. Don’t perform without preparation;
“2 The challenge is impossible, even if the final result is just false;”
Klein believes that the above are the two core items of the “Magician’s Code”. If you grasp them, you will grasp the key. The remaining ones are supplements and improvements to them.
“3. Do more active performances;
“4 Try to get applause from the audience;
“5Control the target’s attention.”
Putting down the dark red round-belly pen, Klein browsed through it from beginning to end and judged to himself:
“Daily acting combined with three to four active performances is enough for me to digest the magician’s potion before the New Year. If I try another impossible performance in the middle, the progress can be faster. This is almost the speed I hope to achieve. ”
It was still two months away from January 1, 1350.
After doing all this, Klein rubbed his forehead and prepared to return to the real world.
After placing the “Black Emperor” cards, biotoxin bottles and other items, he suddenly laughed and laughed at himself:
“Challenging the impossible is not tantamount to seeking death.”
As the voice echoed, Klein’s figure disappeared above the gray mist.
In the cheap hotel in the Backlund Bridge area, he suddenly opened his eyes and saw the candlelight of his summoning ritual.
After quickly disposing of his hands, Klein put on the thicker workman’s jacket he just bought for 4 soles and walked to the window.
He picked up the sweet ice tea he bought earlier, looked at his blurred figure reflected in the window, smiled sincerely, and whispered to himself:
As soon as he finished speaking, he touched the glass with the cup in his hand, then raised his chin and drank it all in one gulp.
Immediately afterwards, he left the hotel leisurely. The gas street lights nearby were all on, and pedestrians and horse-drawn carriages were busy, unaware of the explosion at the junction of Cherwood District and West District.
Klein wandered around the “Brave Man” bar, wandered for a while, and knocked on the door of the Extraordinary gathering of Mr. “Eye of Wisdom” at 7:58.
He put on an iron mask and a hooded robe, and acted ordinary, ordinary.
At the sa