father never reprimanded me, but he never told me. He said that when I grew up, he would I would know, but now that I have grown up, I still don’t know.

father never reprimanded me, but he never told me. He said that when I grew up, he would I would know, but now that I have grown up, I still don’t know.
So when Fan Zhen showed me this pattern last night, I was half surprised and half surprised by the original feeling. At that time, I knew that it didn’t matter whether I saw Wang Longchuan or not. Naturally, I didn’t tell Fan Zhen about my pattern. Whether he knew about it or not is another matter.
Finished talking about this. Let’s talk about the phone call Wang Zhexuan gave me. This call came suddenly and was completely unexpected, including his words about helping others. In the end, I didn’t say it out loud, but used another method to end Wang Longchuan’s evil life. The reason why I was willing to do this was not because of anything else, but simply because if I said this out loud, things might be completely different. It turns into another person, and the final result is probably that Wang Longchuan will not die and can escape. Then the words I said to him will become a time bomb that explodes next to me when I least expect it. .
So in order to avoid future troubles, I can only choose this way.
/Of course, I still gained something else this time. All the gains came from Wang Longchuan’s last unintentional words. As the saying goes, the speaker is unintentional and the listener is intentional. He mentioned the reason why Wang Cheng was involved. I remember he said If Wang Cheng hadn’t been too curious and accidentally discovered that Han Wenzheng’s body had never been buried, he wouldn’t be in this situation.
So all the clues returned to the original place, because according to previous speculation, Han Wenzheng’s car accident was the beginning of this case, and it was a very important part. At that time, Wang Cheng and I witnessed the accident with our own eyes. happened, and in the end he and I were deeply involved in this case and couldn’t extricate ourselves, but he was more miserable than me because he couldn’t bear it anymore and chose to end his life.
After the Wang Longchuan incident, Fan Zhen gave me a few days off. He said that I had worked too hard recently, so I should take a break and not work too hard. Besides, it was Guan Qingxia’s case and I couldn’t participate in it. Now I am a I didn’t know what the situation was, so even when I went to the office, I had nothing to do, so I just obeyed Fan Zhen’s arrangement. Moreover, Fan Zhen’s arrangement at this time must have his reasons. I don’t have to force it, so I might as well It is naturally better to be smooth.
The first thing I did after resting was to sleep soundly all day and night. After sleeping all day and night, instead of feeling relaxed, I felt even more tired and groggy. Wang Zhexuan came to visit me the next day. When he came, I was unkempt and had not even washed my face. He was not surprised to see me like this. He just smiled and asked me, “What’s the stimulation?” It makes me feel like I’m lovelorn.”
He likes poverty, and I don’t argue with him. I invite him in. I k