s only a loud roar, and the giant ax directly crushed Gong Yeyu and the Purple Thunder Saber. It struck the seabed with a fierce blow, and immediately exploded thousands of meters high waves, covering the entire sea area. It was blown to a blank, and the entire sea area was completely emptied to the bottom of the sea. Even under the bottom of the sea, there was a huge trench that was more than a thousand meters deep, several kilometers wide, and dozens of kilometers long.

What only surprised the people on the surrounding spaceships and battleships was that under this shocking blow, except for the rising waves, the seabed splitting into the sky, and the ground breaking apart, there was no explosion or wave at all. There was a violent explosion, and there was no explosion shock wave, which made the spacecraft that had already opened the protective cover feel extremely abrupt.
However, this suddenness only lasted for a moment. Seeing the huge ax smashing Gong Yeyu to pieces with one move, the people on the surrounding spaceships and battleships were stunned for a moment, and then immediately cheered with great joy. These people hated Gong Yeyu. They were extremely scared, really hated and feared to the extreme. They all knew that the two sides were at odds with each other. If they wanted to survive, their only hope was to kill Gong Yeyu, the demon star.
But it’s not easy. Not only is he powerful, but his life is like that of a cockroach. He can’t be beaten to death or trampled, and his character is also unreliable. Although the World Government has the trump card of its partners and relatives, Gong Yeyu’s hob Meat’s personality, if you dare to kill one of me, I will use all human beings to light sky lanterns with their souls. He can absolutely do such a thing!
/So, Gong Yeyu is the sworn enemy of everyone in the World Government. At this moment, seeing him being hacked to pieces, everyone present cheered wildly. As long as Gong Yeyu dies, the remaining people will be easy to deal with, but the chickens and dogs, don’t even need to It doesn’t matter if you use the Soul Guards again. Just a group of Soul Guards is enough to annihilate them. After all, the consumption of using this Soul Guards is too great, enough to cause the immediate national collapse of an economically powerful country.
/At this time, the elites from various countries on the spaceship and battleship had already begun to calculate what they had to do next, which was nothing more than chores for each family, as well as a series of things such as the soul army, but before they could think clearly, Seeing the lower end of the raised giant ax, a purple light suddenly lit up on the ax blade. Although it was not dazzling, it was clear and clear, so pure that there was no trace of color, and there was no form inside. It was just a ball of pure light. In a flash, this ball of purple light had already rushed into the giant axe.
At first, there was just a little purple on the bronze giant axe, and then the purple color spread on the thousands-meter-sized gia