red beasts below, although only the Qinglong It is an entity with Xuanwu, but when the Bagua runes changed, the four sacred beasts also plunged into it, and then the five-color brilliance below also plunged into it.

In front of everyone’s eyes, these molds finally slowly took shape. They were a tower, a banner, a picture, a bell, and four sword-shaped models. However, they could not be condensed. In the end, they completely dissipated, but with At the same time, the four Immortal Killing Swords wrapped outside the Four Elephants, Five Elements and Bagua formation sounded at the same time, as if they were about to fall into these four dissipation models.
“Quick, rush forward! As long as we kill the Human Emperor or stop him for a moment, once the hand of God comes, we will be waiting for a way out!” Xihe saw this and didn’t know what Pei Jiao was thinking. It is clearly meant to recreate the scene where the Human Emperor led his troops to attack the Emperor’s Palace and fight against the fragments of the universe in the “world”. Although Pei Jiao is no longer the Human Emperor, they are not the “World” either, and the Hetu Luoshu is not arranged here. The Emperor’s Palace in the Hunyuan Formation!
At this moment, at the top of the sky, somewhere on the horizon, a black line suddenly appeared, as if something sharp had cut through the sky, leaving a trajectory on the blue sky. After that, Another black line appeared, and another black line appeared. A total of four black trajectory lines appeared in the sky, and at the same time, these four trajectory lines were closing.
/Seeing this scene, the powerful men of the hundreds of tribes in the Elf Holy Land were all excited. Under the leadership of Xi He, they rushed forward and rushed towards the formation, but some of the weaker alien souls at the front were , as soon as it came into contact with the gray misty air at the edge of the formation, it was instantly stirred into a ball of paste, and then completely dissipated without even the slightest movement. This made many people hesitate.
“Don’t be afraid, everyone! Although this formation is terrifying, it is the legendary Zhuxian Sword Formation. However, this formation is not complete. It is not the complete version of the four great Zhuxian Swords, and it no longer has the ability to kill everything. It can be anything from Saint Soul to above. Resist, I will protect the Holy Soul below!”
When Xi He saw this, she immediately shouted loudly. At the same time, the huge sycamore tree behind her instantly rose into the air and flew directly above the head of her phoenix true body. The sycamore tree did not produce any flames. , On the contrary, new buds are constantly being produced, and layers of clear auras are descending. The clear auras are in constant contact with the gray auras. To the great joy of everyone present, these seemingly terrifying gray auras are actually hard. Shengsheng flicked away the gray aura, exposing the entire formation.
“An ideal land far away from everything! Human Emperor, you are at th