side and was thrown into the dust.

At this moment, in fact, Zhu Jiansou had already sensed the changes in the Qianyuan Sword Sect’s fortune.
And rarely, Zhu Jiansou showed his figure in the sky above the mountain gate, looking far away towards the outer sea.
But at this moment, the elder Zong who took the initiative to propose did not say a word from beginning to end. The old owner of Baihua Building, who only looked at all this with a kind look and a smile, looked back at Zhu Jiansou without any concealment.
/Together with it, like Bandao Mountain or Fumei Old Road, the eyes looking out from a distance are also full of warning.
Finally, Chu Weiyang felt something even more. The nine folds of talismans and seals were reflected in the depths of his eyes. The Taoist used his supreme pupil technique to penetrate the endless mountains and rivers.
Separated by almost half of the Sanyuan Ji Zhen Realm, Chu Weiyang looked at Zhu Jiansou calmly.
After going through so many things and changes, all these ups and downs have become Chu Weiyang’s confidence and footnote at this moment.
Even in order to show his feelings, a rare almost round halo of light appeared on the back of Chu Weiyang’s head, and then, in the halo of insightful light, was the precious light of the magic sword pill.
/In the next moment, Chu Weiyang’s vigorous thoughts, fierce fighting spirit and murderous intent all turned into the Four Seasons Sword Intent, soaring into the sky at this moment!
Thousands of swords come to the sect, one sword breaks all laws!
In an instant, the majestic sword intent, which was as vast as the sea of ??stars and unified in the majesty, seemed to penetrate the sky, teaching Zhu Jiansou that he could feel it clearly even though he was separated by thousands of mountains and rivers.
This was Chu Weiyang’s response to Zhu Jiansou looking at him from a distance.
But it’s more like a malicious provocation.
In the distant sky, Zhu Jiansou stared at these coldly, waiting for a response.
Suddenly, the young scholar standing near Chu Weiyang suddenly spoke slowly.
This time, the young scholar did not kneel down and kowtow, but he still bowed his hands respectfully towards Chu Weiyang.
“Thank you, Lord of the Mountain, for pointing out the way. Pindao is ready, and you can hit the road now.”
In fact, there is no need for young scholars to do this.
The moment he almost finished speaking, those who were close, such as Qingquan Tongzi and others, and those who were far away, such as Zhu Jiansou, all turned their attention to the young scholar.
No one said anything, but they all understood that once the young scholar left, the 90,000-mile path of death, life, and cause and effect would become a foregone conclusion.
The sword sect’s luck once again declined, and it started from now on!
However, just like Chu Weiyang’s murderous thoughts earlier, the young scholar once again turned a blind eye to the coldness that was like a gleam on the backs of the Sword Sect cultivators at this moment.
What happened to Uncle Shang, his de