an open position is found, it is impossible to encircle and suppress David based on his numerical superiority.

“Have you noticed that David can easily find our soldiers!” Deputy Captain Gore suddenly pointed at the map on the light screen and said.
From now on, almost all of them were discovered by David on his own initiative. This can be seen from the fact that the soldiers’ team was destroyed before they even had time to report.
“Yes, it is conceivable that David has mastered the internal system of the Starflyer and found that our soldiers are also normal!” Deputy Captain Harman nodded.
“If we use these soldiers to lead David to an open place, wouldn’t we be able to take advantage of the numerical advantage?” Deputy Commander Gore said in a deep voice with a gleam in his eyes.
“This is a good idea. Even if all these ordinary soldiers are dead, it will be difficult for David to be injured. It is better to use them to lure David to an open battlefield!” Haman’s eyes lit up after hearing this. Replied.
He quickly rummaged through the map, and it was not easy to find an open battlefield.
This is an interstellar flyer. Almost half of the area is occupied by cabins, and the rest is also a commercial area with many buildings there.
“Here!” Deputy Captain Gore clicked his finger on the map and said.
The map automatically zoomed in as he clicked on a point, showing a rather special area.
There is a protruding area of ????the Star Flyer, which is the cultivation area of ??the Star Flyer. Fresh vegetables and fruit trees are grown inside using soilless methods, and some fish are also raised.
In order to facilitate management, the entire area has been built into a huge separate space.
The scope of this single space is several kilometers in size. Although it has the influence of cultivation facilities, these effects can be eliminated by paying some soldiers.
“This is indeed a suitable place. I agree with this plan!” Deputy Captain Haman nodded in agreement.
David heard a strange command from the channel.
A series of orders mobilized the soldiers in the entire area. David marked the location in the order on his visor, and soon discovered that this was to lead him to the cultivation area.
His fingers were operating quickly on the ‘K4 military electronic countermeasures optical brain’. The monitoring of the cultivation area was very comprehensive, and he soon saw the situation in the cultivation area.
/There were a lot of soldiers gathering there, apparently preparing to lay traps there waiting for him.
David opened the panoramic view of the Starflyer and saw the special location of the cultivation area, and a plan was generated in his mind.
David opened a virtual area on the ‘K4 military electronic countermeasures optical brain’, and then opened a channel in the electronic defense wall.
The five electronic countermeasures divisions who were busy on the other side suddenly discovered that they had broken into the internal system of the interstellar flyer.
Although they didn’t know what caused them to succeed, t