e “Night Goddess” stood on the edge of the Kingdom of God, watching him go away.

The next second, Klein fell into the projection of the “Giant King’s Court” at the ruins of the God War.
Then, just like Amon before, he walked to the edge of the gray-blue door and raised his hand to create a blue illusory door.
Through this door, Klein entered the “Land Abandoned by Gods”, followed the guidance of fate, and “roamed” directly to the peak of a mountain range.
There was a huge cross erected there, and a vague shadow shrouded the cross.
Klein stared at the shadow for a few seconds, sighed slightly, and bent down to pick up an ancient silver mirror placed near the huge cross.
Then, he turned around and disappeared into the land abandoned by the gods.
At the same time, the “Spirit Insects” who did not need to guard the “Origin Castle” told themselves the current position of the “Mysterious Queen”. Klein raised his hand and took out the “Wishing Magic Lamp” from the debris pile, relying on it and Bernadette The ownership relationship between the two is another “roaming”, appearing on a quite secluded island and in the Emerald City.
Bernadette was flipping through a book of paintings recently published by Intis. As soon as she noticed something, she saw Gehrman Sparrow hand the “Magic Wishing Lamp” to her.
“Thank you.” Klein said in a normal voice, neither high nor low.
Bernadette opened her lips lightly, as if she wanted to say something, but at that moment, her eyes flashed, and she seemed to see something again, predicting something, so she silently reached out to catch the “wishing lamp”.
Klein immediately took out an iron cigarette box with corrosion marks on the surface:
“This is the reward.”
Bernadette didn’t even need her “peeping eyes” to feel the “extraordinaryness” of this iron cigarette box, and could probably guess what kind of corrosion it had suffered.
But she didn’t choose to accept it for this reason, but suddenly felt that there was no reason to refuse.
She only hesitated for a moment before calmly taking the iron cigarette box.
If he were still in the crazier state before, Klein would definitely have said with an exaggerated smile when Bernadette hesitated: “Uncle gives it to you, just take it!”
But now, he is only awake at the last moment, trying very hard to prevent himself from falling asleep, and has no urge to play the clown at all.
After leaving Bernadette’s Emerald City, Klein seized the time and “roamed” to Backlund and “roamed” to the home of Dr. Alan Kress.
Will Ascetin, who was sitting among the toys, raised his head and looked at Dwayne Dantès in front of him. He suddenly shed tears and sobbed violently:
“I finally felt that opportunity.”
An opportunity to accommodate the uniqueness of the “destiny” path.
Klein squatted down and said expressionlessly:
“I’m just here to help you accommodate it.
/“I will steal your childhood and youth, let you grow up in an instant, and then rely on the personality that has transcended the sequence but has not reached the past to help you fo