Of course, Sun Hao would not let this kind of “success” happen.

Of course, Sun Hao would not let this kind of “success” happen.
“Stephen accepts your apology, but he still has something to do with me, so there’s no need to drink the coffee.”
Sun Hao refused on Curry’s behalf before he could speak.
WOJ’s expression was slightly embarrassed.
His idea was good, but he ignored the variables brought about by Sun Hao’s existence.
“I am a columnist for ESPN. If you need anything, please contact me.”
However, he quickly adjusted his mood and took out two business cards from his pocket with a smile.
Sun Hao did not refuse the business card. After accepting it, he and Curry left first.
“Next time you encounter this situation, don’t feel embarrassed and just refuse.”
After walking a little further, Sun Hao guided Curry.
It can be seen from various details that Sun Hao really regards Curry as his eldest nephew.
“He doesn’t have any ill intentions, right?”
Curry nodded, but couldn’t help but say something.
Sun Hao stopped at this time, and then looked at Curry with a serious expression.
“Stephen, as a group of reporters, news materials are their job. You wouldn’t want your and Ayesha’s love experience to be reported in an article by a reporter one day, would you?”
Curry shook his head crazily after hearing this.
“I understand.”
Curry is not stupid.
It was not that he had never encountered reporters when he was in the NCAA, but it was obvious that WOJ’s methods were a step above those of those reporters.
He learned a lesson from Sun Hao before he even entered the NBA.
After the press conference, Curry, Green and Matthews followed the assistant coaches to Las Vegas.
Like Sun Hao, they are also about to start their summer league journey.
Sun Hao was not idle either.
Due to his temporary comeback last year, he didn’t have much time to adjust and recover.
This summer, there will be no national team games, which will be the best opportunity for him.
But this time he is not immersed in training alone, but is preparing to go to Houston first.
He plans to be Yao Ming’s junior and learn his dream moves from Olajuwon.
Just when he was heading to Houston, a system notification sounded in his mind.
“Congratulations to the host, the system has successfully unlocked version 3.0.”
This system has actually been upgraded! !
“System upgrading, 2%”
“System upgrading, 4%”
Sun Hao sat on the plane, listening to the system prompts that kept popping up in his head.
This scene seems familiar!
When the system was upgraded to 2.0, it was still the same as it is now. My mind kept popping up like a fish spitting bubbles.
But the difference is that this time the system upgrade speed is obviously much faster than before!
It seems that the system is advancing with the times and has jumped from 2G in 2000 to the 3G era?
Before Sun Hao’s plane arrived in Houston, the system had been upgraded!
Sun Hao entered the system with excitement.
You know, it has been 9 years since the last system upgrade!
9 years, do you know how he spent these 9 years?