t time this Ziwei has heard of it.”

Lu Bei sneered three times, dispelling his initial aura in the Void Refining Realm, and a ferocious look flashed across his eyebrows: “I am the Purple Guard of the Xuanyin Division. I was personally gifted with a sword by the Emperor, and I am deeply favored by the Emperor. The three of you are good at it. Breaking into Prince Xi’s Mansion and intending to misbehave with the princess, his audacity is already a capital crime, and he also attacked and killed a minister who was a pillar of the imperial court, adding death to death, so what excuse can there be?”
“You’ve already done all the shitting, and you’re still making such quibbles!”
As a physical practitioner, Fu Guangliang had the most explosive temper. He suddenly opened up his own little world and stepped over Lu Bei’s head.
During the start of the hand, the fist seals were opened and closed, the mind and spirit were united, and penetrated through the force. At the same time as the bombardment and explosion, the dark energy erupted like a needle, mixed with the wind of the small world, and pierced all the vital points of Lu Bei’s body.
This is a man with a slightly thin body. Jing Lei Sect’s body training method is a different way. Training during thunderstorms can get twice the result with half the effort, which is unique. The disciples in the sect do not deliberately pursue muscular dominance, but rather use speed to drive strength. As a master of this method, he is not only physically powerful, but also has the best speed in Xianzhou.
It’s good. Moderate fitness attracts the opposite sex, and excessive fitness attracts the same sex.
But he saw a flash of purple light, a longing electric light surrounding Lu Bei’s body, and a fist mark struck the head, hitting Tianling’s vital part hard.
Photoelectric explosions and hurricanes swept through. The majestic force was sent and received freely, and the control was precise and tight, limited to ten steps. The waterside pavilion was wiped out on the spot, but it did not affect Zhu Qiming at Lu Bei’s feet.
After a punch fell, Fu Guangliang stood up with his fist closed, and turned to look at the two people behind him: “Fu was struck by lightning in this beast, and his soul has been severely damaged. He will not be able to move for three to five hours. The two of them ran away with him this time.”
/Gu Zixin and Bai Ying closed their eyes in silence. The moment the small world opened, they saw the result in advance. Zi Wei, surnamed Lu, was determined to die.
“Hey, just keep talking. Why are you touching my head?”
The question made Fu Guangliang’s scalp tingle. He turned into purple lightning and quickly moved away from him. When he saw it, it was Lu Bei touching the top of his head with a confused look on his face.
Lu Bei suddenly realized: “You just punched me Ziwei. Tsk, the punch was slow, but it wasn’t very strong. I thought it was a unique greeting gift in Xianzhou.”
Fu Guangliang took a deep breath and restrained his little world, leaving