. Even though the most powerful person at that time, the person who could control the emperor’s dethronement was her maternal grandfather, Ma Huoguang. Xiao Zhao’s power was not comparable to that of the former Empress Lu.

But the empress dowager of the Han Dynasty could call herself “I” and could depose and establish the emperor. The edict to depose Liu He had to be written by her.
Fifteen-year-old Xiaozhao has a temperament that is difficult for female stars with weak connotations to control.
This is probably the trace left by Xiaozhao in the history books.
Liu Changan still smiled, that was 2100 years ago.
He remembered a poem from that time:
Shang Xie, I want to know you and have a long life.
After all, this is something difficult to achieve. In a short life, it is difficult to promise eternity. Even Liu Changan could not guarantee eternity. Two thousand years have passed since the birth of this poem. The girl in the mood in the poem cannot do it. There is no edge, the river is exhausted, the winter thunder shakes, the summer rain and snow, the heaven and the earth are united, so I dare to be with you.
Liu Changan walked home and passed by the vegetable market. Although all kinds of ingredients were displayed in a dazzling array, there were not many fresh ones at this time. Especially vegetables were much cheaper than in the morning. There were big handfuls of cabbage, green onions, and peppers. They were sold in packages for one yuan or several yuan. Liu Changan stepped on the indistinguishable color of the floor, selected some spring onions, bought a piece of pork belly, and a small bag of pepper for only six yuan.
In the evening, after eating homemade meat pancakes and a bowl of mutton soup sprinkled with peppercorns, Liu Changan still went to the mahjong parlor to play mahjong all night and won twelve yuan. Old Man Ma said that with Liu Changan’s level, he could definitely participate. Won the community mahjong competition.
Some people immediately agreed, some questioned, and some felt that the winner was fifty-five. After discussing for a long time, they remembered that the community mahjong competition is a mahjong competition for the elderly. Only people over fifty-five can participate. I always play mahjong slowly and leisurely with Liu Changan. For a moment, it was overlooked that he was not a member of the elderly group.
Liu Changan expressed great regret.
Today’s route can go towards the train station, arrive at the train station square, and then circle back instead of taking the route to Baolong Center, so that you won’t encounter Zhu Juntang who is doing nothing.
The city is very big and there are many people. The county has a population of nearly 8 million. Even if it is just in the city center, it is difficult to meet again. Liu Changan does not care what Zhu Juntang discovers, but he also feels that more is worse than less. He does not Enthusiasm and interest to satisfy a teenage girl’s curiosity.
/As soon as he opened the door, Liu Changan saw a van parked under the big sycamore tree