ked like he was good at strength. Fuyi looked extremely capable. The two of them looked full of vitality and momentum, and The deaf and blind people opposite were so old that they couldn’t even feel any life.

Life has its limits. In the Zhongqian Realm, life is getting longer. It comes from the power of the Life Wheel, but that doesn’t mean there are no limits. The Taboo Group here may have been around for quite some time. This time The First Dojo probably had the right time to provide a place for these people.
Without moving its wings, the mosasaurus sneered and punched the ground, causing waves.
/The power ripples swept towards the deaf and blind man like a hurricane. It was obvious that these two monks were magic types and were definitely not good at strength and speed.
The blind man tapped his blind stick lightly on the ground, and instantly the power disappeared like air.
Fu Yi and Mosasaurus looked at each other, “It’s interesting, how about this move!”
The mosasaur’s fists suddenly exploded together, its body leaned back slightly, and it suddenly punched forward.
A dragon-shaped true energy roared out, roaring and lifting up the ground to kill the two people.
The deaf man still didn’t respond. When the blind man struck with his blind stick, the ferocious dragon-shaped energy suddenly disappeared again like a deflated rubber ball.
The arena was quiet, and most of the monks had blank looks on their faces. This ability was completely beyond the normal scope. Mosasaurus fired out strong real energy. This was not a spell and could not be dismantled, but it just disappeared. .
“Master, is this a magic spell?” Wan’er liked to sit next to Wang Meng.
Regarding Wan’er’s strength, Wang Meng has already tried it, and the advantages and disadvantages are quite obvious. The qualifications are undoubtedly excellent, but the strength needs to be accumulated and used. Wan’er can give it a seven at most. As for knowledge, I’m afraid it can only be a five.
When Wan’er asked, everyone else also pricked up their ears.
“It’s not a spell, it’s a derivative of order.” Wang Meng said with a smile, “The eyesight of these two demon cultivators is a bit poor.”
Although it was bad, Fuyi and Mosasaurus had already realized the problem at this time. The two half-dead guys on the opposite side were the real masters.
The true energy is violent, as the true energy increases. There were obvious changes in his temperament. Mosasaurus became taller, while Fuyi became leaner. My whole person felt like lightning.
The mosasaur’s head slowly stretched out its horns, while Fuyi’s arms stretched out its wings.
Demon cultivator!
And he is a demon cultivator with the blood of a great demon!
The so-called great demon is actually just like the top human monks. They also have the ability to reach the heaven and the earth. One of the signs is to transform into a human being.
This is similar to the situation with Dilong.
Mosasaurus is obviously the bloodline of a certain dragon clan. Fuyi is the bloodline of an