investigate his crimes? We did not directly join forces with the Emperor of Heaven to take action against him. This is just mercy!”

However, he saw Taojun Tianhe’s face suddenly condensed, and he looked a little surprised.
“Third brother, what’s wrong?”
Taojun Ziyun looked at him with some surprise in his eyes.
Daojun Tianhe looked at the other two Daojuns.
“This Qinglian Suffering Heavenly Lord has sent a message. He has a major matter concerning our life and death in his hands, and he wants to discuss it in detail with us!”
“Is it about my life or death?”
Taojun Ziyun and Taojun Longyin’s eyes were a little fluctuating, but more of them were still suspicious.
Taojun Tianhe glanced at the two Taojuns.
“Since the two brothers are hesitant, why don’t we wait to see him first, and then go to see the Emperor of Heaven before it’s too late to see what this fellow Taoist wants to say?”
Daojun Tianhe remained calm. This time the Emperor of Heaven only made an appointment with Daojun Ziyun and Daojun Longyin, and left him alone. He instinctively felt something unusual.
Taojun Ziyun and Taojun Longyin did have doubts in their hearts, but they nodded.
Tianhe Daojun waved his hand and sent out a message. Soon after, he saw a green stream of light coming from outside the Holy Realm of Qiantian. In an instant, he stepped into the Holy Realm of Qiantian, and was then introduced to this place. In front of the temple.
From a distance, the three Tao Lords saw Zhang Jian’s arrival. The three Tao Lords looked at each other with strange colors in their eyes.
Taojun Long Yin said with a sneer on his face and sharp eyes.
“The Tao Lord has actually appeared in the Holy Realm of Qian Tian. Aren’t you afraid that our alliance with the Emperor of Heaven will be detrimental to fellow Taoists?”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian raised his head and faced the sharp eyes of the three Tao Lords. Zhang Jian just cupped his hands and said.
“How can people of my generation cherish their own lives if they want to achieve great things?”
His eyes were calm and he said again immediately.
“What’s more, I feel that the three fellow Taoists may have doubts in their hearts at this time!”
“I am also here to help three fellow Taoists solve their doubts!”
Zhang Jian knew that it was indeed risky for him to enter the Qiantian Holy Realm at this time, but he had to take this risk.
Because Emperor Zi Yuan could attack these three Tao Lords at any time, it would be extremely regrettable if Emperor Zi Yuan devoured these three Tao Lords.
As for the three Dao Lords taking action against him, this possibility is indeed possible.
But he believed that the three Dao Lords were rational and would weigh the gains and losses.
At least he didn’t do them much good after he fell.
/Taojun Ziyun looked at Zhang Jian and said suddenly.
“Where did the words of the God of Suffering come from? We, the Lords of the Three Great Dao, are the ancestors of the three religions and have been inherited by the ancestor gods. Do we have any doubts?”
Zhang Jian said immediat