ved at all.

Lingshi is a must for cultivation, no one can resist it, why?
Mortals love money, and practitioners love money even more, but their wealth is treasures such as spiritual stones, magic tools, etc., and their greed is stronger.
But what exactly is Wang Meng thinking? He has been observing secretly these days, but he can’t tell.
Zhang Liang knew that if you don’t enter the tiger’s den, you won’t get the cubs, and you can’t go empty-handed. Sharing profits is the way to do business. In fact, the profit this time was not that high, but Zhang Liang still scraped together and took out ten pieces of spirit. Shi, just hope to open up the relationship.
“Senior Brother Wang, I have a question in my mind. I don’t want to express it. I heard that you gave up the proposal of the four ancestors and still want to practice swordsmanship?”
Zhang Liang didn’t want to listen to outside rumors and wanted to confirm it himself. He looked into Wang Meng’s eyes. A person can lie, but his eyes cannot deceive others.
“Senior Brother Zhang is joking. Those are all rumors. The four ancestors only expressed their appreciation and encouragement to the younger generations, and have no intention of accepting disciples. As a sword cultivator, I can only be a sword cultivator.”
Wang Meng said that as a member of the Holy Church now, he did not want to become a proud and arrogant person in the eyes of the Patriarch. This principle is a wise saying no matter in which world it is.
Zhang Liang nodded, surprised in his heart, but he could understand it. Just like him, even if he was asked to concentrate on practicing, he would not be willing. He likes his current profession and rhythm.
What’s more, he has seen many ups and downs in this industry. The patriarch may be happy to accept you as a disciple for a while, but if you don’t show what they need, you may be abandoned. Such ups and downs are really not something that people can bear.
Now it seems that Wang Meng’s move of retreating in order to advance, whether true or false, is the kingly way.
One hundred and four proofs
“Senior Brother Wang, you are so humble. I am here to represent and invite you to the auction event of Shengtang Pavilion. Are you interested in participating in the sword and elixir forged by Senior Brother Wang?”
Zhang Liang asked.
/Everyone looked at each other. During this period, someone asked about the price, but it was not very high. It was not the item itself, but more to get some luck.
Auctions are completely different. Who would spend a lot of money to buy useless things? If no one buys them, it will be embarrassing again.
The things belong to Wang Meng, and naturally they are decided by Wang Meng.
From the expressions of everyone, Zhang Liang knew that it was as expected. They were not willing to be exposed. After all, people have a conservative heart and there was no need to take risks.
The treasures at the auction must be quite valuable. In comparison, it is easy to be embarrassed, especially since Wang Meng has not become a disciple of the