royed from within.”

The Banished Immortal was stunned for a moment, then laughed, “I didn’t see it, it turns out you are a lunatic. However, if you are not a lunatic, you probably won’t be able to force out the spiritual consciousness of Wenhuang Zhong for me.”
“Don’t you understand yet? If it weren’t for some special reason, we would have broken open the artifact and left long ago. If we cooperate, it might be a win-win situation.” Wang Meng looked at the real person Ban Huang, and the aura of the formation eye indeed appeared in Ban Huang Inside the body of a real person.
“I’ve heard too many boring words. Now, it’s time to send you on your way.”
The Banished Immortal smiled coldly, a black shadow flashed past, and the Imperial Bell in his hand suddenly roared. The white cloud statues in the sky suddenly changed. One turned into nine, and the nine statues surrounded Wang Meng and the others.
“Your strength is indeed strong enough. With one person, you can fight evenly with one incarnation of the Pattern Emperor. However, facing nine incarnations of the Pattern Emperor, you will only be suppressed forever. If I suppress you, I You can go out now, hahahaha.”
The Banished Immortal laughed loudly, and the body of the Emperor Bell in his hand shook again. The nine white cloud statues showed their abilities, obviously more agile than the previous white cloud statue, and killed Wang Meng and the others.
If you want to fight, fight. Suo Ming’s eyes are full of fighting spirit. The war hammer ignites a golden light of power and hits one of the white cloud statues. The thunder god will destroy the world!
Ma Tian’er formed a formation with both hands, guarded by wooden thunders, blocking the other eight statues.
Wang Meng shook his head, “It seems you were suppressed for a reason.”
“Haha, it’s useless to talk more. You are worthless. Hurry up and die for me, the God Emperor. Now that I have surpassed the God Emperor and possess the Emperor’s Bell, I am the true god. Go to hell for me!”
Ma Tianer blinked, why do so many people like to call themselves gods these days?
/However, it seems that everyone who calls himself this in front of Wang Meng will not end well.
“Senior Brother, aren’t you going to take action yet? According to calculations, when this guy and the spiritual consciousness of the artifact become one, will the formation be complete?”
“Wait a minute, the formation eye on this guy is a bit weird.” Wang Meng’s spiritual mind locked on the formation eye in Banhuang Immortal’s body, and the calculation was correct, but unexpectedly, the formation eye seemed to have some signs of wandering, as if Banhuang Immortal When the real person and the Emperor’s Bell merged into one, a new spirit body was born, and this spirit body was the formation eye, while the body of the Banished Immortal was just a “prop” to seal the formation eye.
This was a bit beyond Wang Meng’s expectation. Sure enough, he still couldn’t kill the Banished Immortal casually, otherwise the Formation Eye would fly away and everyone would be