break through in place to escape intact.

“Elder Jing, Lin Buyan asked you to come?”
Lu Bei frowned and solemnly took out the Su Chen Sword. He was hesitant about the Immortal Sword. When Jing Ji nodded, he chopped off the sword and ran away.
“Nephew Lu Xian, please be patient. Jing’s visit has nothing to do with Master Lin. You should put your sword away and don’t hurt your harmony.”
/Jing Ji laughed out loud, and then quickly added: “Don’t leave either. Jing has no ill intentions in coming here. He just wants to give you a great benefit.”
Lu Bei silently took a half step back, always maintaining a high level of vigilance.
Lin Buyan was right. After he left the Lingxiao Sword Sect, there was a 80% chance that Jing Ji would come to him.
Tsk, no wonder the old guy’s cultivation level is not high. He spends all his time thinking about the complex nature of the human heart and is full of bad ideas. It’s already outrageous that such a person can reach the Void Refining Realm.
What, his poor qualifications lead to low cultivation, so he misunderstood Lin Buyan if he didn’t say it before.
“That’s right, Jing came here to cooperate with Nephew Lu Xian.” Lest Lu Bei could just run away, Jing Ji put an end to the Riddler’s thoughts and decisively made his purpose clear.
“Cooperation, what kind of cooperation method?”
Lu Bei said in surprise: “Elder Jing wants to cooperate with the Emperor Ji Sect, but he still plans to join the Xuanyin Division. I am ashamed to say that I have only average connections in both parties. If you want to surrender, it is best to find someone else.”
“Nephew Lu Xian misunderstood again. Jing is not looking for Xuanyin Division Ziwei, nor is he looking for the leader of Huangji Sect. The person I want to cooperate with is Lu Bei, a third-generation disciple of Lingxiao Sword Sect.” Jing Ji smiled meaningfully. .
“Elder Jing was joking. I just had a little friction with Master Lin. In the future, the Lingxiao Sword Sect may not have the third-generation disciple Lu Bei.”
“No, the third-generation disciple Lu Bei is an elite of the Iron Sword Alliance and holds the Iron Sword Token. The Tianjian Sect does not agree, and Master Lin can’t sing alone!”
“Is this happening?!”
/Lu Bei’s face showed joy, and then suddenly darkened: “Why are you telling me all this? Do you want to take advantage of me? Tell you, stop dreaming. A good man named Lu from Ningzhou behaves upright. I would rather be expelled.” Shanmen, I would rather be chased by the Lingxiao Sword Sect than become a traitor!”
“Is this true?”
“It depends on your price. Lu has a flexible moral bottom line. If you want to increase the price, we can negotiate.”
Jing Ji was very satisfied with the request for more money. He was not afraid of Lu Bei’s big talk and the price could be negotiated. He was only afraid of Lu Bei’s majesty and a tough guy.
Obviously, not really.
Jing Ji’s smile remained unchanged and he said, “Nephew Lu, before I increase the price, I have to ask, what do you want?”
“The position of head of L