quickly increased, clouds accumulated around it, and more and more dark scenes of undulating waves were included.

“A few hours ago, there were signs of a storm brewing. When I went out before, I felt that the environment was quite depressing. That’s why Ireland said that Crazy Captain Connors’ ship should be parked in the shadow of a nearby island. , This is to avoid the storm.” Klein tapped his fingers on the edge of the mottled long table and muttered to himself silently.
With this inference, his subsequent “person hunting” work will be much easier, because there is no need to search the vast sea, and he only needs to pay attention to the vicinity of different islands in this sea area.
As soon as the thought occurred, a blue gem suddenly lit up at the top of the “Poseidon Scepter” in Klein’s hand.
On the ocean where there were no fishing boats anymore, the dark blue and almost black waves illuminated by the crimson moonlight were undulating with considerable amplitude. Suddenly, water splashed up silently, and a pair of exaggerated eyes looking at the sky vaguely appeared on the sea surface. Under the eyes , is a huge shadow outline.
At the same time, sea fish floated to the surface one after another, of different types.
They took over the misty light that fell out of thin air, turned around in a circle, and then each sank down, heading to different places.
Ten seconds later, the water within 5 nautical miles returned to its previous state, with dark blue and almost black waves rising one after another, waiting for the final explosion.
/Huh, this is a bit exhausting. Klein raised his left hand and rubbed his forehead.
He didn’t simply drive the sea creatures. He gave them a certain amount of extraordinary spirituality, allowing them to send back the images they saw in the form of prayers after discovering the ships parked near the island.
This is not too difficult or complicated for the “Poseidon Scepter”, but for the operator Klein, it is a huge burden and consumes a lot of money.
Then, Klein selected prayers around different islands in the archipelago and issued “commands” to the marine life in the corresponding areas in the same way.
After doing all this, he didn’t care to throw the “Poseidon Scepter” back into the garbage pile, returned directly to the real world, took off his coat, and fell on the bed.
With his spiritual energy exhausted to the extreme, he thought he would fall asleep. Unexpectedly, his head was empty and painful, making him unable to open his eyes and unable to enter the dreamland.
Klein could clearly feel that his skin had sprouted bumps like allergies, and there were countless granules hidden under them.
Sure enough, as Mr. “The Hanged Man” said, if you let your spirituality dry up for two consecutive days, you will definitely have auditory hallucinations and signs of losing control. I just reached the limit once, and I didn’t last long, and my body was a little Abnormal, of course, this is also because I have just been promoted not long ago and haven’t digested it very well.