rmy launched another attack.

When the front team falls, the back team immediately makes up for it. The supervising team was watching from behind, and no one dared to take even a step back.
Some of the human soldiers on the city wall were holding sharp blades to kill the orcs who climbed up the wall, while others were throwing boulders vigorously, and occasionally pouring down a basin of kerosene.
The raging fire quickly ignited under the city wall and then spread quickly. The orc soldiers who unfortunately fell into the sea of ​​​​fire directly became fuel.
There was also a faint smell of meat coming out.
The trebuchets and magic crystal cannons of both sides launched the fiercest exchange of fire. The defenders had the upper hand in firepower, but the hawks in the sky pulled back the game for the orcs.
Generally speaking, the long-range strike capabilities of the two sides are almost the same. The battle now is strength. The defenders have the advantage of the city, but the orcs also have an advantage in strength.
/It’s just that the land near the city has been treated. Not only is it surprisingly hard, but there are also many boulders buried there, which brings great inconvenience to these “earthwork engineers”.
Especially when approaching the city wall, the magicians guarding the city kept interfering.
Countless “earthwork engineers” were permanently buried underground before they even had time to touch the city wall.
/After repeated attempts failed, the orc general commanding the army was not only not annoyed, but showed an expression of satisfaction.
War is the best way to cover up problems, and at the same time it is also the easiest to expose them. The seemingly unbreakable defense line, as the war continued, the sequelae caused by the death of high-level generals were gradually exposed.
When it comes to cooperating operations between armies from different regions, their response capabilities are obviously much slower and far less flexible than before.
Without a strong commander, the substitute generals lack prestige, and the nobles below lack enough awe, it is inevitable that they will be compromised when executing orders.
In addition, the new general’s familiarity with the troops is far less than that of the previous commander-in-chief, and he often makes some jokes when assigning tasks, which aggravates this contradiction.
It is all determined by human nature. An army can only have one commander. While the nobles maintain their prestige, they also subconsciously reduce the presence of the deputy commander.
Even if everyone is a noble from the same province, it is normal for the eldest to suppress the second, and the nobles below are forced to follow suit.
Now that the boss suddenly died, the second boss is replaced to command the army. If there is no problem, that will be the biggest problem.
This is an unsolvable problem. It is very difficult for the nobles of a province to command them. It is even more difficult to command a commander by parachute.
It doesn’t matter if you are slo