uries of varying degrees.

In order to save Chancellor Gould, David used the shortcomings of the demigod ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ clone to confront the strengths of the demigod ‘Titan King in Golden Armor’. Naturally, the result was a disastrous defeat for the demigod ‘Holy Ghost Knight’ clone.
Even so, David still remembered Speaker Gould’s safety. The moment the demigod ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ clone was thrown away, he used his spirit to catch Speaker Gould and flew back together.
This is on the battlefield, and the Space Temple is in a state of being activated at any time.
/Although the power of the divine pattern array in the Space Temple cannot have much effect on the demigod ‘Titan Golden Armor King’, as long as the divine pattern array is activated, it means that the temple still obeys the Supreme Council and the noble legendary knights. Commitment.
Before going to the battlefield, the temple promised Chairman Gould that whenever the legendary knight was in danger, the temple would immediately support him.
But the facts made Speaker Gould feel chilling. It seemed that the temple wanted the legendary knights to perish on the battlefield.
Archbishop Ambrose, who was watching the battle in the Space Temple, did hesitate.
Twenty-six legendary knights, this kind of strength is terrifying.
If the Supreme Council is allowed to continue to develop, the number of these legendary knights will continue to increase. Even now, no one of the five major temples can compare with the strength of the Supreme Council without resorting to divine intervention.
That is, in any period in history, there has never been a situation where the temple was weak and the nobles were strong.
In fact, when the demigod ‘Titan King in Golden Armor’ appears, Archbishop Ambrose can launch the Space Temple’s attack divine pattern array to delay the attack speed of the demigod ‘Titan King in Golden Armor’, giving Speaker Gould time. Exit the battlefield.
Archbishop Ambrose is very wise, which is related to the fact that he has learned too much knowledge, but also because of this, he will think carefully before doing anything.
It was during this little thinking time that Speaker Gould was almost killed by the demigod ‘Titan King in Golden Armor’.
If it hadn’t been for the sudden attack of the clone of the demigod ‘Holy Spirit Knight’, not only Speaker Gould would have been killed, but also many legendary knights on the side would have been surprised by the demigod ‘King in Titan Golden Armor’.
After the clone of the demigod ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ was severely wounded by the demigod ‘Titan King in Golden Armor’, Archbishop Ambrose hesitated again.
This is a demigod knight who does not belong to the five major temples. If the demigod ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ clone dies, it will be a great loss to the noble knights.
Most importantly, it can also weaken Lord Arthur’s strength.
Lord Arthur’s sudden rise gave him the power to oppose the God of War in a short period of time. In Archbishop Ambrose’s view, Lord Arthur would become the temple’s enemy sooner