looked at each other with Lord Ludwig and the other lords. They did not expect that Lord Arthur’s name alone would cause the bishop and several priests of the War Temple to react like this.

The priests and priests of the War Temple must be so afraid of Lord Arthur that this situation would occur.
/“We need to go back and discuss it!” Bishop Absolun finally regained his composure. He said in a hurry and left with six fourth-level priests.
Priest Johnston’s villa in the main city of Yi’a Star was searched and he rescued more than thirty women, some of whom were from noble families.
At the entrance of the villa, all the nobles looked extremely gloomy.
Nobles have many privileges, and their privileges are obtained through the efforts of their ancestors and themselves.
But an ordinary priest of the War Temple actually kidnapped so many noble and civilian women in the main city. This was trampling on the dignity of the nobles.
If Priest Johnston had not already died, the Noble Affairs Office and the law enforcement team present would have thought of killing Priest Johnston again in the Temple of War.
More than thirty women were sent away, and a large number of land contracts and many treasures were found in the villa.
The law enforcement team found many recorded treasures among the treasures. At least some of these treasures were dirt.
This batch of recorded treasures has been involved in nearly a hundred cases. Adding in the previous woman and so on, Priest Johnston is a super thief hidden in the main city of Ea Star.
With the deliberate promotion of the Supreme Council, the case regarding Priest Johnston spread throughout the aristocratic circles and continued to spread to the common people.
On the other side, in the main temple of war, Archbishop McIntyre was extremely dissatisfied with Priest Johnston after listening to Bishop Absolun’s report. However, Priest Johnston was dead, and no matter how he pursued it, it was useless.
“You go out first, I will handle this matter!” Archbishop McIntyre waved Bishop Absolun away.
He was very disappointed with the ability of Bishop Absolon. Not to mention other priests, at least the Leon Templars wanted to bring him back.
However, Archbishop McIntyre did not want to think about it. After hearing that Speaker Gould personally intervened, he chose to let Bishop Absolon handle it. This was not an act of passing the buck.
Archbishop McIntyre ducked into the public space fragments and activated the magic circle inside. After waiting for about ten minutes, the spiritual clones of the other four archbishops arrived one after another.
According to the normal agreement, after opening the summoning circle, you need to respond within five minutes.
If the other four archbishops have something to do with each other, the other archbishops will enter the public space fragments in up to two minutes.
Archbishop MacIntyre did not express dissatisfaction with the lateness of the four archbishops. He understood that his status had not yet been recognized by the four archbishops.