the moving transparency and then disappearing.

With this little pig on his body, it would be impossible for Leng Xinxing to escape from his control!
Wei Xiaobei had already stood up and was chasing after him like a war horse.
It has to be said that Leng Xinxing is indeed cunning. He actually prepared a motorcycle in the grass outside in advance. When Wei Xiaobei was less than thirty meters away and was waiting for a stone to hit him, Leng Xinxing was already there. When he pushed the motorcycle, before anyone could get on it, when he hit the accelerator, the motorcycle jumped forward, and his body immediately floated up and landed on the motorcycle.
At this time, Leng Xinxing’s body just appeared from the air.
This motorcycle could be called a racing car. It was extremely fast. The stones that Wei Xiaobei hit missed and only passed through the hem of Leng Xinxing’s clothes that swung behind him.
“Everyone drives and chases!”
/Seeing Leng Xinxing’s figure, Li Pingyang became excited and immediately called the disciples to get on the bus.
Indeed, what they feared most was that the other party would disappear and kill them one by one, but now that their bodies were revealed, their worries were naturally reduced a lot.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t think about catching up like this. Although he was very fast, the other party had already rushed out some distance. Besides, he could catch up with the motorcycle with only his legs. If someone recorded it, it would be a bit troublesome. .
Wei Xiaobei turned around and rushed towards his off-road vehicle. He pulled the door open and before closing it, he kicked the accelerator and blasted out.
After a few turns, Wei Xiaobei caught up with the highway.
Undoubtedly, even if Wei Xiaobei’s driving skills were very high, he would not be as nimble as a motorcycle in the villa area.
By the time Wei Xiaobei caught up with him on the highway, the motorcycle had disappeared without a trace.
But Wei Xiaobei was not discouraged at all. The connection between the peanut pig and his consciousness was still there, and he could easily find its location!
This kid is running away towards the seaside at this time!
Undoubtedly, Leng Xinxing was afraid and wanted to go to sea to escape Wei Xiaobei’s pursuit.
After chasing for more than thirty kilometers in one breath, Wei Xiaobei felt the peanut pig getting closer and closer, but felt inexplicably uneasy in his heart, as if he had overlooked something.
Precision calculation starts!
After Wei Xiaobei realized this, he did not hesitate at all and started precise calculations to eliminate some possible problems.
Soon, Wei Xiaobei discovered a problem.
If you want to escape from Suzhou, then going to the airport is undoubtedly the fastest way, so why did Leng Xinxing escape towards the seaside.
/Could it be that Leng Xinxing is hiding a boat on the beach?
But you must know that with Zhang Zhentian’s power, it is not difficult to find people offshore. You must know that this ship cannot be faster than a helicopter.
After eliminating all kin