silver bear lose weight. He couldn’t get enough of being at home all day long, so he rushed him out for some exercise!

After waiting for a long time, Lao Chen didn’t show up, which made him frown. Could there be an accident?
At noon, there was movement in the distant mountains and forests, and Lao Chen’s whereabouts were revealed. He finally arrived, but he was in a very embarrassed state. He was covered in blood, and he looked like he had just been chased.
However, Lao Chen has become younger!
/He finally stopped looking old and now looks like he is in his early thirties. The effect of Dixianquan is amazing!
If this continues, he will probably become even more youthful.
“Old Chen, since you entered the secret land, why are you bleeding and being chased every time I see you?” Wang Xuan looked at him.
It didn’t matter that Lao Chen was here, most of it was the enemy’s blood, and he only had some skin injuries.
“The damn feathered star people actually colluded with the monsters in the secret area. There was a law enforcer who stood with them and provided various conveniences. In the end, they even joined forces with them to hunt me down!”
Lao Chen wiped the blood stains with a look of resentment. He unexpectedly discovered that the law enforcers in the secret area and the people from Yuhua Star were colluding to trap him and kill him.
If he hadn’t reacted quickly and been good at escaping, he would have died in their hands.
Wang Xuan immediately became extremely serious and said: “I encountered this situation last time and was blocked by a black-horned beast. It seems that some monster law enforcers in the secret area cannot be trusted!”
Then, he asked the monster if it was strong? Just get rid of it!
“It’s a local dog. I feel like it may be a monster deliberately released in the secret land by the feathered stars many years ago!” Old Chen said.
“It’s okay, wait until we come out of the dead place to eat dog meat!”
“There’s trouble, they’re chasing us!” Lao Chen changed his face. These people are not simple, especially that native dog, which is extremely powerful. If he hadn’t used a method to cut off the paw of a dog first, he would definitely not be able to outrun that dog. dog.
Soon, Wang Xuan discovered that the so-called native dog, what the hell, is this really a native dog? He is taller than an elephant, with thick golden hair all over his body, flowing golden clouds, and a pair of eyes as big as a basin with a fierce light.
/It emerged from the bushes, huge and terrifying. It was more terrifying and more powerful than the super saber-toothed tiger. With a roar, the trees shattered and leaves flew all over the sky.
Moreover, behind it, there were four more people following, chasing Lao Chen together.
This really values ??Chen Yongjie very much, and such a big battle is just to destroy him alone.
Even Wang Xuan was a little angry. As a law enforcer, he broke the ban first and helped the people of Feather Star to hunt down their opponents. He was worse than an executioner.
“Let’s go pick the dem