Garden Community.” Cheng Qi nodded. She was originally a resident nearby.

Garden Community.” Cheng Qi nodded. She was originally a resident nearby.
“You have to be strong. She has lost her father. If you are not strong enough, you can’t protect your daughter.” Jiang Jinyuan said to Cheng Qi again. He didn’t know why he thought of his wife and daughter. His eyes were inexplicable. The ground shed tears.
“Thank you.” Cheng Qi looked at Jiang Jinyuan gratefully. In the apocalypse, not everyone is as cruel and perverted as Zhao Hui, there are also good people like Liu Qian and Jiang Jinyuan. She also understood Liu Qian’s refusal to take her and her daughter with him, and now Jiang Jinyuan also pointed out a place for her to stay.
“If you encounter a bad person again, you must fight him bravely and don’t give them another chance to hurt you and your daughter.” Jiang Jinyuan told Cheng Qi a few more words.
“Yes.” Cheng Qi grabbed Chen Chen’s machete and held it tightly in her hand, and nodded to Jiang Jinyuan.
“You must be strong! You must work hard to live!” After Jiang Jinyuan said to Cheng Qi again, he turned around and quickly wiped his eyes, then rushed out of the restaurant, grabbed his suitcase and followed Liu Qian to the distance. Walked past.
Although he said those few words just now to Cheng Qi, it was more like he meant them to his wife and daughter who stayed in the real world. He now has to find a way to rush to the main city laboratory. No matter how difficult it is, he has to complete his mission. He wants his wife and daughter to live happily even without him around.
The handheld computer can clearly detect the distribution of zombies within a few hundred meters, even if it can only detect it once every ten minutes, it is enough.
When detecting a place where zombies are densely packed, Liu Gan can avoid it in advance. When encountering a road with no zombies or a road with only a small number of zombies wandering, he will rush over and kill those zombies with a few axes.
With the help of the detection device and only taking Jiang Jinyuan with him, Liu Gan traveled to the Sanyu Building very quickly. Moreover, he came from the Sanyu Building yesterday, so he was familiar with the road conditions.
After dealing with the two villains Zhao Hui and Chen Chen, Liu Gan took Jiang Jinyuan to the vicinity of the Sanyu Building not long after. However, at this time, the square in front of the building was occupied by a large number of zombies.
I didn’t look carefully yesterday, but after carefully distinguishing them today, Liu Qian found that middle-aged and elderly women accounted for a large proportion of the zombies wandering in the center of the square. It seems that they used to dance square dances here often, so after turning into zombies, in addition to following the zombie tide to look for food, they would instinctively come back here most of the time.
“You said this is the artificial intelligence research center of Sanyu Company?” Liu Gan pointed at the building from a distance and asked Jiang Jinyuan.
/“Well, to be more precise, it should be the Bioch