es, but he never figured out why the War Temple approached so secretly.

“Since you want to approach secretly, then I just pretend that I don’t know!” David said coldly to himself.
David is not a kind person. He did want to curry favor with the five major temples before. This is nothing. If he wants to gain a foothold in the world of gods, it is inevitable to have good relations with the temples.
But if the temple wants to deal with him, he will not be lenient. At least he now has some ability to fight back and is not a weakling who can be bullied.
“Cube super intelligent system, wait until they enter the range of 5,000 kilometers, attack with full firepower!” David ordered in a deep voice.
“Combat command is activated, mobilize 70% of computing resources, and prepare for full firepower!” The cube’s super-intelligent system responded mechanically.
Although the cube super-intelligent system has a lot of work on weekdays, those operations cannot even take up five percent of the cube’s super-intelligent system’s computing resources.
/In the warship’s warehouse, the eyes of five thousand battle robots modified with exoskeleton armor flashed. The robots walked out of the warehouse in an orderly manner and entered their respective posts.
The warships of the federal military were not developed for intelligent systems. If they want to exert their strongest combat power, they naturally need operators. Five thousand robots have replaced the crews, maximizing the attack capabilities of the warships.
Inside two hundred such battleships, combat robots are more disciplined than soldiers.
The reason why the “Starry Sky Flying Boat” is allowed to enter the range of five thousand kilometers is because this distance can make it more difficult for the “Starry Sky Flying Boat” to escape.
David had no intention of bringing the Starry Sky Ship close to Garmis. The other party was the Temple of War. Who knew what kind of hiding methods the other party had.
Once he gets close, it’s either a divine gift or a divine weapon. No matter what, it will expose him to secrets that he shouldn’t expose.
David didn’t want his combat power to be exposed unless he had to.
In the largest ‘Starry Skyship’ in the middle, which was guarded by nine ‘Starship Skyships’, Archbishop Guy stood solemnly.
This ‘starry sky craft’ looks similar to the other ‘starry sky craft’, but in fact it is completely different inside.
This ‘starry sky craft’ uses divine pattern technology and consumes a large amount of space stones, making the space inside the ‘starry sky craft’ extremely large.
This time, the senior officials of the War Temple were standing in this ‘starry sky craft’, and the rest of the ‘starry sky craft’ were filled with a large number of priests.
“After arriving at Gami Star, it would be okay if Lord Arthur is captured without any help. If he dares to resist, all the priests and priests will activate the magic together to suppress him on the spot. However, do not use powerful magic to avoid the death of Lord Arthur! “Archbishop Guy looked at