It is reported that the True Sage Wujie may want to evolve into a soul battlefield and may give up his physical body.”

It has to be said that the information in the supernatural world is very well-informed. All the saints were on site to witness the start of the bloody ceremony, and a lot of reliable information came out after the ceremony.
People speculated that the True Sage without Tribulation had no chance of winning with one against four, so he could only find another way, open up a new battlefield, and try his best to change his disadvantage.
Among them, the Yuan Shen battlefield is undoubtedly one way. He may give up his physical body and transform it all into the power of the Yuan Shen, regardless of the supreme Tao fruit in the future.
Because he has no future.
Moreover, he will most likely combine it with the supreme spiritual world that already exists in the extraordinary universe, and use the chaotic thunder, 14-color wonders, etc. there.
This kind of place is naturally suitable for the soul to travel. Although the true saint’s physical body can enter, it will be relatively delayed.
In addition, people analyzed that he might arrange some kind of legendary holy-level killing array, which is the only chance to make a comeback.
But it was very difficult. Lu Kun, the great disciple of the True Sage Wujie, had defected. How could he not know his master’s trump cards? If there is a super true saint killing formation, I am afraid it will also be destroyed!
“It’s too difficult. We outsiders have analyzed and discussed, and we have worked together to come up with ideas for Wujie Mountain. We have tried to increase their strength verbally and on the keyboard, but we can’t find any way to break the situation.”
This is a fact. There are not many theoretical solutions, let alone concrete implementation.
“Don’t forget the deceased. Will he give the True Sage a set of supreme killing formations? In this case, it is really possible to reverse the situation.”
“Unless it is the lost ones, the accumulation of the essence of the past generations in the extraordinary center, the top chaotic killing arrays, etc., otherwise, if you want to kill the Four Saints, then don’t think too much about it. However, this kind of series of arrays , it should be difficult to reproduce, and even if it were possible, it would be difficult to arrange it by oneself.”
It has to be said that on Chaofan Network, everyone is an expert, and all parties are analyzing and discussing.
/To a certain extent, the methods used by the opposing dojos are known to each other and can be calculated by each other. It is unrealistic to use any secret trump cards. Various situations can be predicted in advance.
On that day, the location of the bloody battlefield was determined and selected by the True Sage Wujie. All parties witnessed it and agreed that the location was the Sea of ??Death Stars.
/Wang Xuan was startled after receiving the news. He was no stranger to that place. Back then, when some of the Supreme Fire left by the Mechanical Ancestor