formation and let him read it himself.

Wang Xuan flipped through it, revealing a strange color, and his mind was completely attracted.
/Fifty years ago, a professor violated the laws of life and returned to his youthful state, but died suddenly half an hour later. There were six witnesses, and all six died within three years.
Twenty years ago, someone floated in the air. When he finally landed, his body quickly decomposed and died.
These briefly recorded special events all occurred in one place, the “Moon Crater” where unusual things were once dug out. The entrance has now been sealed.
Wang Xuan put down the information and asked, “Didn’t you investigate it carefully?”
Qin Cheng said: “Why not? Ordinary people may not know it, but more than a dozen expedition teams go there every year. I remember there were people who went there half a month ago. Most people are fine, but it also means nothing is gained. And some unlucky teams never came out after entering.”
Then, he whispered: “It is said that battleships crashed there in the early years, so there will be no big action later. Anyway, if you don’t get close there, nothing will happen.”
Qin Cheng looked at him and warned him seriously not to have any curiosity. It was listed by the Dingwu Organization as the most dangerous place on the moon!
Wang Xuan nodded. Naturally, he would not be too hot-headed and ran directly to explore.
He whispered: “It’s interesting. The moon on the other side of the old earth has unearthed black technology, while the moon here has unearthed mysterious events. The two moons are really weird.”
Qin Cheng sighed: “Speaking of which, restoring the ancestral palaces of Taoism and Buddhism on the moon has really become a big gimmick, and it has really attracted a large number of people to go to the moon for sightseeing. After all, Xinxing is most interested in things with historical heritage. ”
Wang Xuan was speechless, finally knowing why the chaebol was digging up old soil. All cities in Xinxing are newly built and only have a history of more than a hundred years. They care about what is missing, so they work hard to “make up for it”.
When it came to the moon landing sightseeing tour, Qin Cheng suddenly became excited and said, “That bitch Li Kun, let me give him one more day, and I will get all the five million.”
Once it arrives, he wants to transfer the extra two million to Wang Xuan.
Moreover, he planned to be a rich man and spend all his three million to take Wang Xuan to Guanghan Palace to have a look.
“What’s wrong with you? Why spend so much money on sightseeing?” Wang Xuan asked him to wake up. It’s just a tourist attraction. There’s no need for such extravagance and waste.
“So, Old Wang, you don’t understand at all. It’s precisely because of this that I want to repay you and take you in to take a look.” Qin Cheng informed that Guanghan Palace is the place to renew one’s life.
“There are really all kinds of details in it. Everything has a saying. Every meal and every drink is to nourish life. The slogan is: restore the