de Wang Xuan startled. Shouldn’t the deceased hope that he would kill more extraordinary beings in the four realms?

Soon, he calmed down and felt at peace in his heart, because the will of ancient and modern times was nearby, keeping its promise, and really watching this place.
Wang Xuan thought, there must be a very serious “situation” here. The deceased seemed not to want him to kill too quickly? For this reason, this existence in the supreme realm did not hesitate to appear in person!
“God has the virtue of a good life.” The deceased sighed softly with compassion, and sent down a wisp of will to persuade him.
Wang Xuanxin said, your name is the deceased, talk about the virtue of living a good life? It’s like a butcher saying he cherishes the lives of ants. It’s weird no matter how you look at it.
“In the thousand-year bloody battle, every extraordinary person you killed involved a blood sacrifice.” The deceased spoke, this time very seriously.
He told, slow down, not so fast.
Wang Xuan felt that he was hypnotized, and that the supreme will had affected his spirit. Some memories were “blurred”, making him forget the conversation just now, and at the same time making him “understand” that he needed to slow down the pace of killing enemies.
/He was horrified. The supreme being can invisibly change a person’s consciousness and subvert a person’s inherent concepts unconsciously. If you think about it carefully, it is extremely scary.
In ordinary days, if there are supreme beings intervening in the consciousness of all living beings, do the living groups of living beings still have their true selves?
“Brother Gu, is this your disciple? Come and finish the work, I’ll leave first.” In a blur, Wang Xuan heard the deceased talking to Gu and Jin.
The starry sky was lifeless and silent, as if nothing had happened at all.
“According to what the deceased said, he meant no harm. You should pay more attention to this primitive bloody battle.” The voice of Gu and Jin came, and then it also left.
Above the head of Hunyuan Shenni, beyond the real world, deep in the mist, Wang Xuan’s true body came from a distance and approached here.
His true body, all the details of his body are opened, emitting soft light, communicating with the light source deep in the fog, and baptizing the Hunyuan Shen Mu.
After a moment, he breathed a sigh of relief.
The external incarnation was purified by him, and there was no problem. All memories were restored.
“This time it involves the must-kill list.” After recovering Hunyuan Shenni, Wang Xuan had some more impressions. Is the blood sacrifice related to the must-kill list?
He is very afraid of supreme beings and can easily affect a person’s memory and concepts. If his true body was not in the Lupo realm, then as time goes by, what happened just now may have disappeared without a trace, and he would not know anything afterwards.
“The deceased came forward this time, took the initiative to take the lead, and arranged the original bloody battle. Sure enough, there was a deeper reason.” Wa