Even if Xuan Zhi used a secret method to re-sever her broken leg, she still felt severe pain at the root of her right leg, and the scene of the madman carrying away one of her legs still appeared in front of her eyes.

“This person’s true identity may be a bit tricky, but if we go together to contain and hunt him, it won’t be a big problem.” Sword Immortal Wen Ming said.
Wang Xuan dragged a corpse with his left hand and carried a long leg on his right shoulder. This return was really eye-catching, making several giant beasts stare.
“Brother Zai Dao has not fully awakened yet. His origins should be extremely ancient. Compared with later generations, his age should be disconnected.” Lu Po informed.
This also means that the Taoist rhymes of certain universes in later generations are complementary to Zaidao and can be understood and absorbed.
Last time, after Wang Xuan killed an opponent, he manifested his corresponding cosmic Tao Yun. When he was comprehending there, Hongxiu, who had the keenest sense, noticed it and found that his Tao Xing increased silently, and he was suddenly shocked.
Yu Teng, Lu Po, and Wei Luo also noticed Wang Xuan’s change because of her reaction, and their hearts beat wildly.
The silver-haired Wei Luo exclaimed at the time: “Brother Zai Dao’s foundation is really remarkable. I’m afraid it can be traced back to extremely ancient times. A considerable part of the universe’s Dao Yun will still be useful to him in later generations.”
Wang Xuan is happy to see their misunderstanding deepen, which can save a lot of trouble.
The light of his soul is mottled with the vitality of time, like a faded old photo, “dated” without any flaws.
They never expected that the direction of their speculation was completely reversed.
The main reason is that, as supreme beings, they all have extremely strong confidence. They don’t think that the young boys in this world, who have only been in the transcendent realm for many years, can be on par with them who have reorganized the true holy path.
That is simply unrealistic. Their bodies and souls have been polished to perfection and flawless.
The giant beasts, the Ox King and the Bear King, stood in awe. The leader’s roots were really unfathomable. If they could be traced back, they would be terrifyingly ancient.
/Soon, Wang Xuan gave up on the corpse. The corresponding Taoist rhyme behind it was of little significance to him. He had absorbed and comprehended similar ones before.
On the contrary, Xuan Zhi’s thigh provided Wang Xuan with a new Taoist charm, which was of great benefit.
In just four years, Wang Xuan had practiced hard for more than 70 years, but he realized that this method was unsustainable.
Because most of those opponents come from the same camp, and many of their manifested cosmic charms overlap.
However, he is already very satisfied. His skills are improving steadily and his efficiency is frighteningly high. In about thirty years, he will be able to enter the 5-break field.
The giant beasts Ox King and Bear King said goodbye to Zaidao w