ght for the Yunwu Plateau.

No matter what age you are in, there are many people who are keen to go to the wild and explore deep mountains, and some people make this their career by conducting live broadcasts in the wild.
Wang Xuan took an airship to the outskirts of the no-man’s land in the west. There was a fixed dedicated line, which was quite convenient.
Ahead, the terrain gradually becomes higher, green and full of vitality.
Even from the outside, you can already see some tall peaks covered with snow in the distance.
“Brother, your equipment is not good. It is not suitable for the Yunwu Plateau.” On the way, a senior adventure anchor came over to take pictures.
Wang Xuan avoided it, he would not let himself enter the camera, and disappeared into the forest in a flash.
“Did you see that? A rookie who rushes forward so hard just after arriving on the Yunwu Plateau will definitely be overwhelmed by his body after a while. Come on, follow me and let you take a picture of the newlyweds vomiting from exhaustion after being reckless.”
The senior anchor was very confident and kept chasing after him. Because he was live broadcasting, he had to catch up with the so-called rookie in order to be worthy of the audience.
In the end, he was so tired that he vomited. After all, he didn’t see the new person. But he still refused to admit that he overturned the car, saying that the rookie might have lost his way and vomited somewhere else.
The Yunwu Plateau is so majestic, covering more than nine million square kilometers. It is so vast that ordinary people really don’t dare to go too deep.
/Wang Xuan has seen some people on the periphery, but after going deep into the area where wild beasts are infested, he rarely sees adventurers, and only occasionally sees some traces left by humans.
Under the setting sun, the trees on the Yunwu Plateau are abundant, and various wild animals begin to appear. Except for a large raptor that has been circling, chasing Wang Xuan’s figure. A bear-like creature appeared in the sunset. After discovering him, it rushed towards him.
It was covered in red animal fur and was extremely majestic. It was estimated to weigh more than 1,200 kilograms. It ran quickly in the forest, with a posture that shook the earth. The movement was so loud that it scared away all the nearby birds and animals.
“It should be considered a bear. Some parts are similar.” Wang Xuan stood up. He did not avoid it, but looked forward to it. He had long heard that there were various dangerous creatures in the secret place. Maybe he was close to the edge?
After this bear-like creature approached, it stood upright and slapped forward, which would probably kill a normal person. It also opened its bloody mouth and bit forward.
Although he saw a new species, Wang Xuan didn’t get used to it and slapped it back.
The bear-like beast covered in red fur screamed, and the bear’s paw shrank back. It was somewhat suspicious of Xiong Sheng, and it looked at the person opposite with confusion and fear.
In fact, Wang X