the queen of heaven, but you don’t have any responsibilities as a queen of heaven. The sisters are busy with their work, but you are the only one who enjoys the happiness here. You Excuse me?”

Huang Xiao turned her head, there was no Queen here, she advised His Majesty not to talk nonsense.
/If you are here for dual cultivation, please do it quickly and don’t forget to close the door after you are done.
Whenever there is trouble, Huang Xiao will stand up. No matter what Lu Bei’s request is, how excessive the request is, or whether it will lead to death, Huang Xiao will not refuse, and she will do whatever Lu Bei says.
But whenever the disaster was over, Huang Xiao would retreat to the back of the crowd and look at the pretty boy coldly, urging him to be more respectful.
Lu Bei was quite helpless about this. He thought that only the overlord could take advantage of his life and cook his life into a meal, but he was unwilling to do so. Brother Xianxiao gave him everything he could. , it must be allowed to retain the last bit of dignity.
Helpless, Lu Bei had to go through the process first.
The flames of the phoenix triggered the ritual of double cultivation, and the souls kissed each other’s necks. Under the furnace cauldron of Daluo Jinxian level, Huangxiao had already attained the level of Jinxian. In addition, with the title of Heavenly Queen, she was not limited by her lifespan, and could enjoy eternal peace and happiness.
After everything was done, Lu Bei hugged the beauty and said, “My son Feng Yi is quilt.”
“Your Majesty, be careful what you say!”
Huang Xiao interrupted and advised the Heavenly Emperor not to talk nonsense. She, the queen, had no choice but to use her name. It was just a false name. It was okay to deceive others, but don’t deceive yourself.
“Okay, it’s up to you.”
Lu Bei cleared his throat, wrapped his arms around Xiang’s shoulders and pressed him tightly in his arms: “My brother-in-law, Feng Yi,”
“Your Majesty, please stop talking!”
Huang Xiao’s chest hurt when he heard it, and he struggled to stand up. He had a cold face and was expressionless. Because he had no regard for the Emperor, he was soon cornered by the petty Emperor.
Huang Xiao did not resist, she had seen everything, everything was forced by the Emperor of Heaven, she did not dare to resist and could not resist.
“Feng Yi was recruited by Emperor Ziwei to serve as the God of Justice in the Siwei Mansion. The talents available to Gu’s subordinates have been exhausted. You can no longer continue to support him in old age.”
Lu Bei didn’t give Huang Xiao a chance to refuse, and said bluntly: “Among the queens, you are the most advanced. You have obtained the power of a god, and your cultivation can reach Taiyi Golden Immortal. Don’t take care of yourself in the future. It is a waste to waste your time.”
Huang Xiao’s eyes twitched, feeling that there was something in her words.
“This is a marriage book with red lines inside. From now on, you will be in charge of the gods in the Marriage Hall, and then supervise the Ni