e bit the tip of her tongue fiercely, and a wave of When the severe pain rushed straight into her mind, the deepest source of her spirit exploded, and she violently erupted with more than ten times her usual telekinesis power. She saw her fingers fiercely point towards the nine spinning stars on her head. Yuanzhu shouted in a low voice at the same time: “Surrounded by nine stars, returning to the void and returning to unity, the sky and the earth are misty, black and yellow, and the sky is vast, stand!”

“The Nine Palaces Illusion God is really here!”
Infused with the power of Xue Na’s thoughts, the nine beads suddenly rose upwards, and at the same time radiated a huge amount of light. Each of the beads turned into a size of more than ten acres, but it only circled slightly, covering this area. The entire battlefield was shrouded in it. She, Li Lian and his subordinate Green Dragon, and a total of seven people from the five surrounding forces were all shrouded by these nine beads.
/This ball is shrouded in it, but it is no longer the battlefield on this side, but a vast and vast starry sky, dotted with stars, nine huge planets are very close, and it seems that you can vaguely see the stars above. Ditch, and only Xue Na, Li Lian, and the green dragon were left on the spot. As for the seven people from the five forces, they had all disappeared.
Li Lian and Green Dragon were extremely surprised when they saw this, especially Li Lian. He still knew that there was no air in the universe. He didn’t think that he could survive in the universe because of his subtlety, so he was a little panicked at the moment. Even the fighting spirit has burst out.
However, Xue Na immediately said: “All this is just an illusion. As for the illusion of light, the Mountains and Rivers Sheji Map is the rule of space, and the Nine Palaces Illusionary God Array is the rule of light. It is not a simple visible light. Any induction, feeling, Perception will be distorted in this, even the strong ones with the Holy Soul are no exception. However, because of my strength, this place is like the Mountain and River Sheji Map, which was condensed and broken by the Holy Soul and the strong ones close to the Holy Soul, but it is also It can be broken out, so you must fight them all and use all your strength to delay them!”
Li Lian was still in shock, but he didn’t understand the meaning of Xue Na’s words, but he understood it the next second, because he didn’t know what Xue Na had done, and suddenly in the void of the universe not far away , the holy soul critical person of the Heavenly Clan suddenly appeared.
“Ha, this is the formation eye!” The young man with dragon horns on his head suddenly saw Xue Na and others. He sneered and rushed straight towards Xue Na and Li Lian.
Li Lian did not hesitate. He jumped up from the green dragon and rushed towards the man with dragon horns. The two of them were very fast. They hit each other almost in the blink of an eye. Surrounded by clouds and white air, there was a faint roar of a dragon, and the other pers